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Guidelines for Sunday Volunteers

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The Ministry of Welcoming Visitors: GREETERS

 The ministry of welcome is a very important one within the church, as the welcomer is often people’s first contact with the church. Needless to say, it is, therefore, very important that welcomers be friendly and helpful when people come in.

Duties are to:

  1. arrive, at least, 15 minutes prior to the service begins
  2. hand out hymnbooks and pewsheets to people as they arrive
  3. remain at the back of the church during the service to assist any later comers
  4. help sort out the returned books and papers at the end of the service
  5. make sure the church is tidy before leaving

 The Ministry of the Word: READERS

 Readers play a significant role in the liturgy of the church as they help to open the word of God to the people. It is, therefore, necessary that readers be clearly understood. Preparation is an important aspect of this ministry. Links for the texts from the Bible assigned for each Sunday may be found on the Sunday Volunteer ROTA. It is advisable for people to read through their assigned text before the Sunday worship if possible. When reading it is not necessary to include verse numbers etc as they are clearly indicated on the pew sheet. Readers are asked to introduce their reading with the following expression: A reading from ... (example: the first letter of St Paul to the Corinthians.) Pause for a moment, then commence reading as printed. At the end of the reading, pause and then say, This is the word of the Lord. The congregation will then respond.  

The first name beside "Readers" on the ROTA reads the First Reading and leads the Ps. The second name reads the Second REading.

The Ministry of Intercession: PRAYERS

 This ministry takes the most preparation. When you are leading the prayers, you do so on behalf of the people of God. Prayers should reflect the needs of the community. To assist with this ministry Intercessors should receive a copy of the printed prayers for the Sunday when they are assigned to lead the Prayers. These prayers pick up on the theme of the day as contained in the readings and usually connect very nicely with the sermon. If you prefer to write your own prayers feel free to do so. If you write your own, please make sure that they are not too long. Prayers should also be addressed to God, not the congregation.  In the Anglican Church we believe that all our prayers are directed to God, through his Son Jesus Christ.   

 The usual format in the Anglican Church is that prayers are offered for:

  1. The Church throughout the world (List in pew sheet): We pray for our bishops: Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; Robert, Bishop in Europe; David, the Suffragan Bishop; and Bernard, Archbishop of Monaco.

  2. Countries and leaders (please make sure you pray first for Prince Albert II as the sovereign prince of Monaco, then any other world leaders). "We pray for Prince Albert the Second of Monaco, Queen Elizabeth the Second of Britain and the Commonwealth, the Presidents of France, the United States, and all the leaders of the free world.

  3. Prayer for world situation, i.e. floods, famine, tsumani etc (sometimes in the pew sheet)

  4. The local community

  5. The sick, those who mourn, etc (Listed in the pewsheet)

  6. The dead ( listed in the pew sheet: recently departed or as Year’s Mind)

 There are various responses possible for the congregation, the best known is, Lord in your Mercy, Response: Hear our Prayer. This format solicits the best response, though others may be used. If you do use other forms, please indicate clearly by saying, The bidding for the prayer is…… and your response is…………., then repeat the phrase again.

The Ministry of the Lord's Table: CHALICES

Sharing in Holy Communion is the centrepiece of Sunday Morning Worship at Saint Paul's, here the people of God find nourishment in the Spiritual food offered at the Lord's Supper. To assist in the ministry of the Chalice at Holy Communion is to share in the ministry of the Deacon, servant of God. We come forward to help with the distribution of Holy Communion as servants of God and of God's people.

When you begin this ministry, the Chaplain or another Communion minister will give you some instruction on the way we administer the Chalice at Saint Paul's.

  1. Come to church wearing approriate attire for this public ministry, and take time during the service to pray that you may worthily undertake this ministry.

  2. Chalice bearers are normally assigned in pairs. Take time when you arrive at St Paul's to identify and touch base with the other volunteer who will be sharing this ministry with you.

  3. When the choir and congregation begin singing the "Agnus Dei" (after the Lord's Prayer), join your assigned partner on the floor of the church at the end of the centre aisle, at the bottom of the steps that leads up through the Sanctuary Gate to the Lord's Table.

  4. Together with your partner, bow before the Lord's Table and then go up the steps together (if possible, or single file if there is note enough room).

  5. Split away from your assigned partner to take position either to the right or the left of the Lord's Table.

  6. REMAIN STANDING to receive Communion for your self.

  7. The priest will then give you a Chalice and a Purificator (white linen cloth).

  8. With your partner, follow after the priest to administer the Chalice to those who have received the consecrate Bread from the priest. Move along, two by two, down the length of the Communion Rail.

  9. The person receiving Communion should normally drink from the Chalice. This is best done when the person takes the Chalice in his/her own hands, or at least guides the cup. Some do not believe they should touch the chalice and will need you to tip the chalice to their lips. Use the Purificator (white linen cloth) to wipe the rim of the Chalice where a persons lips have touched.

  10. Many prefer to dip the consecrated Bread in the wine, please tip the Chalice gently to provide wide access to the wine for dipping. Always hold the Purificator (white linen cloth) under the mouth of the Chalice to catch any possible drips.

  11. Many children do not receive Communion (yet) at St Paul's, and even among those who do recieve, many prefer not to share in the Chalice. Also, some prefer only to receive a blessing from the priest, and not Communion. Please be attentive to signals (arms crossed in front of the chest, etc.) that suggest a person does not wish to drink wine from the Chalice.

The Ministry of Hospitality: RECEPTION

Hospitality is an important aspect of ministry within the church. If people feel welcome and can start to make friends in the congregation they will return. Offering refreshments after the Sunday worship is an important aspect of our hospitality.


  1. On arrival at church please check in the Library to make sure that the coffee etc is all set up. If it has not been set up, please do so.
  2. At the end of the service please go directly to the kitchen and put the kettles on for making tea. Coffee is normally ready in the urn. Wine needs to be taken out of the fridge and the corks removed.
  3. Normally some sort of cake is already in the kitchen. If that needs to be cut up please do so.
  4. Serve refreshments
  5. Following the refreshments, the dishwashers need to be stacked/emptied and all the glasses and crockery put away. Clean all the bench tops and sink. Take the rubbish out of the bins (replacing the liners), lock up and put the rubbish in the bin at the front of the church.

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