Saint Paul's Monaco

The Chaplains

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Saint Cyprian's Church, Beausoleil (above Monaco)

1892 John Thurlow
1894 F. Stewart
1904 G.H. Johnson
1905-08 Henry G. Willacy
1908-11 Andrew N.W. Spens
1911-20 Robert Jamblin

St Cyprian’s demolished 1913

Church Services in Monaco's Grand Hotel

1921-22 Arthur Griffin

Duke of Connault laying cornerstone
Chaplain Arthur Griffin (1921-22) at the laying of the corner stone

1922-23 W. Armstrong Buck

St Paul’s Church, Monte-Carlo, built 1924

1923-30 John B. Marsh
1930-40 Albert D. Tupper-Carey

Chaplain John B. Marsh 1923-1930
Chaplain John B. Marsh 1923-1930

Chaplain Albert D. Tupper-Carey 1930-1940
Chaplain Albert D. Tupper-Carey 1930-1940

Marlborough Express, 1915:Early Newspaper notice re: Revd Albert Tupper-Carey

From the diary of the Revd A.C. Don, Archishop Lang of Canterbury's Chaplain: "Saw Tupper Carey the other day. He is now in Monte Carlo where he ministers to all the old roués of the place. None of them believe in Christianity but they all think that Genesis is literally true and refuse to pray for Gandhi and Lord Irwin. However, they provide Tupper with a handsome stipend and some splendid meals. Anyone less effervescent than Tupper could not stand it." ...  this is somewhat tongue-in-cheek and very typical of AC Don's ironic style.

WWII H. d’Albertanson (Beaulieu)

1946-47 Edward M. Meyler
1948-51 Harold E. Stevens

Chaplain Edward M. Meyler 1946-1947
Chaplain & Mrs. Edward M. Meyler 1946-1947

Chaplain Harold E Stevens 1948-1951
Chaplain Harold E. Stevens 1948-1951

1951-57 Bruce G. Beale
1958-83 Brian B. Matthews

Chaplain Bruce G Beale 1951-1957
Chaplain Bruce G. Beale 1951-1957

Chaplain Beale in post war ceremony at St Paul's

 Chaplain Brian B Matthews 1958-1983
 Chaplain Brian B. Matthews 1958-1983

1983-87 Kenneth Jardin

Chaplain Kenneth Jardin 1983-87
 Chaplain Kenneth Jardin 1983-1987

Marion & Revd Charles Danes c. 1990
Marion & Chaplain Charles W. Danes 1987-1993

1987-93 Charles W. Danes
1993-95 Trevor Sharpus-Jones
1995-00 Barry W. Thomas

Canon Barry & Delyth Thomas
Chaplain Barry & Delyth Thomas 1995-2000

2001-02 Keith Kimber

Fr Keith Kimber with granddaughter
Fr Keith Kimber 2001-2002

2004-07 Jan T. Joustra

Dean Jan Joustra and family
Dean Jan T. Joustra 2004-2007 with his family (Christmas 2010)

2008-present Walter H. Raymond, OGS
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