Saint Paul's Monaco

The Windows: Icons in Glass

The Great East Windows

The central East window was given in memory of Sir Walter de Frece D.L,  founder of the Monte Carlo Club, who died in 1936. It portrays Christ in glory, and has a remarkable feature. Instead of blood, the wounds of Jesus pour forth  ‘tongues of fire’, a symbol of the Holy Spirit.  To its left is a window in memory of Major Laurence Overend. It depicts the conversion of St. Paul, and quotes one of his letters:  "He was seen of me also" (1 Corinthians 15:8), a reference to his vision of the risen Christ at his conversion on the Damascus road. On the right side is a window depicting Paul’s martyrdom. He was beheaded near Rome. It bears his own words : "as dying and behold we live". (2 Corinthians 6:9) It was given in memory of John Rowe Thornett.

The Clerestory Stations of the Cross

The fourteen clerestory stained glass windows above the main body of the church, seven on either side, depict the Way of the Cross, scenes for meditation on the last journey of Jesus from his sentence of execution to being laid in his tomb. These were made in Nice, and given in memory of Nicholas Papadimitriou.

Jesus meets Veronica
Station of the Cross number 6:
Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Heraldry mish-mash

Some glass containing heraldic devices in the window over the main door is several centuries old, of uncertain Swiss or German origin. It was installed when the stained glass windows were returned to the church after World War II, but nobody knows why. 

Christ the King placed backwards

The five windows behind the font are worth a mention. Unconventionally Christ’s left hand  appears raised in blessing. The glass was mounted the wrong way round, when it was re-installed after war.  The second puzzle of this lovely building.