Saint Paul's Anglican Church, Monte-Carlo

St Paul's Church Raffle & Luncheon 2012

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On Sunday 21st October 2012, lunch was served on the occasion of a raffle to raise funds for the chaplaincy's "local beneficiaries" -- a fund that provides support to people in our local community in times of difficulty and need.

Liesbeth Tinker's luncheon team

Liesbeth Tinker (pictured right) organised a delicious luncheon menu with the help of her wonderful volunteers Diana Tedeschi, Helen Tugman & Dani Carew.

Betty Calder looks on (with Sparky) as Monica Stansfeld, Bob Killian, Harriet & Wilfred Groote, and Cyril Badaro enjoy lunch and the company of friends.

Sarah & Frank Megginson were pleased to bring Frank's mother Mary, visiting from England, to the luncheon and were joined by Mary de Vachon.

Gottfried Kappen, David & Lindsay Fast, Martin Stansfeld and Rupert Katritzky

Peter & Sigrid Bott, Shelagh Johnson, Jeremy Swales and Laurence Moachon

Liesbeth Tinker, Lucy Abbott, Patricia Cerrone, Clive Tinker and Betty Calder admire the prizes. Gina Waters won Patricia's painting, Clive Tinker was delighted to win the quilt, Mike McKee & Mike Ferrier won prizes as well.