Saint Paul's Anglican Church, Monte-Carlo

Lenten Study Weekend: Pastoral Care

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The group attending the first weekend study session.

All agreed that the first of two Lenten Weekends held 1-2 March was truly valuable and enjoyable. The Revd Elaine Labourel offered conference talks, interspersed with prayer, smaller group discussion, periods of silent meditation which served to create a stimulating retreat atmosphere for this year's Lenten Study focused on our shared ministry of caring for one another, pastoral care.

Elaine brought her skills as a classroom teacher to bear to keep sessions moving along, interesting, full of humour while deep in Grace.

The participants also enjoyed lively fellowship at meals with food that was ample, varied and delicious -- all to the delight of everyone attending. Many thanks to Mary de Vachon for coordinating the weekend and the feast!

We were all very pleased to welcome Revd Elaine as our guest preacher at the Sunday celebration on Lent III - 3 March 2013. Click here to listen to a recording of Elaine Labourel's sermon based on the Emmaus Gospel, "Alongside in care."

Revd Elain Labourel, guest preacher