Saint Paul's Anglican Church, Monte-Carlo

New Ballet: From Darkness to the Light

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Laura & Donald Malcolm present the ballet

On Wednesday 8th May, several members of the Saint Paul's Chaplaincy community travelled to San Remo, Italy, to attend the world premier of a new ballet, "From Darkness to the Light". The ballet has a clear Christian focus and was produced and designed by Donald & Laura Malcolm, both members of our chaplaincy community, in collaboration with Marcello Alegeri and the San Remo Proballet dance company. The premier took place in the Ariston Theatre.

High school students from Sanremo

Before the beginning of the ballet, there was a brief presentation on the part of various high school students of San Remo which tied the activities that have proceeded the ballet to that which will continue to stimulate the youth to dispel the darkness and embrace the light.

Carrevaggio Medusa

This new ballet is divided into three distinct parts, representing the passage from Darkness to the Light.  Among the various images used in the ballet, three paintings by Caravaggio were featured to illustrate this passage.  The FIRST painting is the “Medusa”, representing the DARKNESS, communicating terror, violence, fear, hate, oppression, tyranny, corruption, arrogance, depression, manipulation, exploitation and so on!

Medussa 2

The DARKNESS manifests itself everywhere in our lives in our world today.  In the DARKNESS, the LIGHT is driven back and finds little space to shine.

Carrevaggio Conversion of Saint Paul

The SECOND painting by Caravaggio used in the ballet is “The Conversion of Saint Paul on the Road to Damascus”.  Here is represented a change, a radical change, a metamorphosis, a conversion -- which means to change direction!

 Raising the cross

Here the LIGHT begins to penetrate and to give life to hope, to a different world.  The chains of oppression and of slavery are shattered.   There is the desire to change, to be free from the dominion of DARKNESS.  Finally liberation and hope for a better life comes forth.

Carrevaggio Resurrection

The THIRD painting by Caravaggio used in the ballet is “The Risen Christ Appears to Disciples at Emmaus”.  At this point the LIGHT  in its fullness brings hope and liberation, together with joy.  In spite of the darkness which exists and surrounds us everywhere, we become important carriers of the LIGHT. 

Coming into the LIGHT

In the middle of an arid desert with its thorns, we become a garden in bloom.  Honesty, compassion, peace, humility, and love are its wondrous flowers.

In the LIGHT

The audience attending the new ballet clearly appreciated this new work responding with thundering applause at the conclusion of its world premier.

Laura & Donald Malcolm with the dancers and crew of the new ballet.

 Laura and Donald Malcolm were honoured for their courage and conviction in bringing this majestic declaration of the Christian gospel to the world stage.

Description of the ballet adapted from a text by Laura Eastman Malcolm.