Saint Paul's Anglican Church, Monte-Carlo

The Ecumenical Kermesse 2010

Shoppers crowd the Kermesse looking for bargains.
photos Bruno Scaramella

The 2010 edition of the Ecumenical Kermesse, an annual charity bazaar organised by local churches and organisations, drew large crowds of bargain hunters on Saturday 4th December 2010.

The Kermesse: one happy wash-up crew

Members of the Saint Paul's community staffed several of the stands and services, including the wash up depot with its cheerful staff of volunteers (pictured here.)

The St Paul's Café

One of the busiest and most profitable stands at Kermesse with warden Tim Humphreys and happy coworkers.

Volunteers at St Paul's loading the mounds of jumble collected.

Work to prepare the annual Ecumenical Kermesse begins early. St Paul's Church becomes the collection point for jumble (second hand articles) and a small army of volunteers works to receive, sort and load the collected jumble.

Monaco-Matin snaps Valerie Haxton at Kermesse 2010

A journalist from our local newspaper Le Monaco-Matin caught Valerie Haxton (left) with other volunteers at the Kermesse. Click here or on the photo above to read the journalist's report on this year's Ecumenical Kermesse.

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