Saint Paul's Anglican Church, Monte-Carlo

Farewell Sunday at Saint Paul's

Rex and Dylan at their Baptism

Saint Paul's Church filled with members of the chaplaincy community and many friends to celebrate the retirment of our chaplain, Father Walter Raymond. The service featred the Baptism of two boys, Rex and Dylan Griffiths and this, in Father Walter's opinion, was a great way to bring a close to 10 years of ministry at Saint Paul's.

Archbishop Barsi presents the Arcdiocesan medal

Archbishop Bernard Barsi of Monaco was pleased to join the Anglican community for the farewell and presented Father Walter with the bronze medallion of the Archdiocese of Monaco in recognition of his contribution to building good ecumenical relations in the Principality.

At the conclusion of the service, Joann Keable presented Father Walter with funds she had collected to cover the cost of Sparky's airfare to Canada and to purchase a winter coat for Father Walter's lively four-legged friend.

Beach Party at Miami Plage

Following the service, the congregation moved along to the "Miami Plage" restaurant on Larvotto Beach where a lovely meal was enjoyed in the company of friends.

Beach Party at Miami Plage

At the conclusion of the lunch, Warden Tim Humphreys presented Father Walter with a purse of nearly 4,000€ collected in his honour which Father Walter was delighted to receive, reporting that he would put this gift to good use towards the purchase of the first new car he's ever owned on his return to Canada.

Great friends Father Walter with François & Anna Cataldo

While at times a mist of emotions covered the celebrations, Sunday's time at the beach was primarily an opportunity to enjoy the strengths of friendship and community that make Saint Paul's such a wonderful church.

Bishop Barsi and company

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Emma has a baby sister!

Giulia Kenyon-Slade

Stephen & Stéphanie Kenyon-Slade are delighted to announce the birth of their second daughter, Emma's baby sister, Giulia Alexandra Campbell Kenyon-Slade, who was born on Friday 23 June 2017.

BAM Fetes Father Walter

BAM Fetes Father Walter

On Friday, 23 June, the British Association of Monaco through a party in Father Walter's honour during a regular session of the BAM "Friday Friendship Club". Father Walter took time to acknowledge the work of the British Association of Monaco, particularly in its support of older members and others in the Commonwealth community in Monaco, who are struggling with difficulties.

A Last Council Meeting

Council members and spouses 2017

Father Walter attended his last meeting with the Saint Paul's Church Council on Tuesday, 20 June, which took place at the home of Sara & Frank Megginson. It has become the custom in recent years for the council to invite spouses, and one mother, to join them to celebrate the end of another successful season of council meetings and projects. Father Walter in his final report to the Church Council,  acknowledged the wonderful atmosphere of friendly collaboration that has characterised council life in recent years.

Pictured here, front row, left to right: Candida Stille-Humphreys, Anne Casey, Brian & Marlies Fenwick-Smith, Sara Megginson; back row: Tim Humphreys, Sarah Sladden, Philippa Casey, Frank Megginson, Father Walter, Tom Turrell, Chris Sladden, Rupert Katritzky, Ben Rolfe and Mary de Vachon. Unable to attend the meeting and celebration: Dani Carew, Jane Roffe, Samantha Stirling & Stephen Kenyon-Slade.

Amadea's Baptism

Amadea Turrell at her Baptism

The Saint Paul's Church Family extended a very warm welcome to Amadea Turrell, pictured here with her parents, Saphira and Tom Turrell, on the occasion of her Christian Baptism on Father's Day Sunday, 18th June 2017.

Lay Readers Affirmed

Frank Megginson received renewed license

During the Father's Day service, June 18th, Frank Megginson's license as a Lay Reader in the Diocese in Europe was officially renewed for another 5 years.

Mary de Vachon

Earlier in the year, Mary de Vachon was issued the coveted P.O.T. (Permission to Officiate) in the Diocese in Europe which is given to Lay Ministers "of a certain age".  Mary's P.O.T. allows her to continue for an undefined term (and us to continue to benefit from) her preaching and pastoral ministry at Saint Paul's. (Mary is pictured here receiving a certificate from the Anglican Centre in Rome for preaching, on 5 June 2016.)

Father Peter glories in Psalm 8

Revd Peter Harris, A Rocha founder

A Rocha founders, Revd Peter and Miranda Harris, were pleased to attend the Trinity Sunday service at Saint Paul's (11 June) during which Father Peter very kindly offered a sermon reflecting on the rich complexity of Psalm 8. "O Lord our Governor, how excellent is thy Name in all the world : thou that hast set thy glory above the heavens!" (Book of Common Prayer Psalter)

A Rocha is a Christian movement with research centres located in 20 countries around the world that treats the world God created as revelation on a par if not greater than the revelation contained in the Holy Bible.

From an interview published in Christianity Today, June 2011 Peter Harris: It's important to understand that A Rocha, as a movement, is driven by biblical theology. It's not a Christian attempt to "save the planet." It's a response to who God is.

We may do many of the same things as do secular environmental organizations, but we do them for very different reasons. One question for any kind of activism is, how long are you going to be able to keep doing it? If you believe you're going to be able, by technology, by political force, by whatever means, to save the planet, you may well get exhausted and disillusioned and depressed. These are genuine problems within the environmental movement.

If, on the other hand, you do what you do because you believe it pleases the living God, who is the Creator and whose handiwork this is, your perspective is very different. I don't think there is any guarantee we will save the planet. I don't think the Bible gives us much reassurance about that. But I do believe it gives God tremendous pleasure when his people do what they were created to do, which is care for what he made.

Our job in reading Scripture is not primarily to find proof texts about creatures with wings or legs. Our job is to discover: Who is God? Who is Jesus Christ? What do they care about? And how does the Spirit enable us to live that life?

Look at Hosea 4. In the first three verses, we have moral problems: adultery and murder, bloodshed following bloodshed. But then, “Therefore the land mourns," and "the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens, and even the fish of the sea are taken away” (v. 3). That's a prophecy three millennia before we have the words for a marine crisis. Who would have thought that the fish of the sea would die? Until modern times, the fish of the sea seemed like an inexhaustible resource. You get those ecological consequences of the broken relationship with God all the way through Scripture. But at the same time, there's the phenomenal hope that as people are restored in Christ to a right relationship with God, there will be a restoration of our relationship to creation and healing for the creation.

It's important to recognize that we are losing species on the planet at an unprecedented rate since industrialization. Now, if in Psalm 104 it says, “In wisdom [God] made them all,” and if God gave us the work of caring for creation, then clearly, we aren't fulfilling the biblical vision.

I think the Christian vision of conservation (is) one that has to do with human flourishing, that has to do with recognizing that a ravaged creation has wrecked not just species but God's intention for time, for Sabbath, and that in turn wrecks families and whole societies.

Welcome Caleb Turrell

Caleb Turrell, a thanksgiving for new life.

On Trinity Sunday (11 June) the 10:30 congregation took time to welcome our newest member, baby Caleb Turrell, pictured here in the arms of his mother Saphira. Father Walter offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the safe delivery of a new baby and a prayer of blessing for Caleb and his new family, including big sister Amadea (looking on).

First Communion at Pentecost

First Communion children 2017

Five young people were welcomed to Holy Communion, on Pentecost Sunday, upon completion of the Early Communion preparation class. Pictured here from left to right, Alex & Julia Borgsved, Max Moore, Henry Richardson and Tristan Moore. For several years the Church of England has allowed children to share in Holy Communion before their Confirmation and 38 children at Saint Paul's have  been welcomed to Holy Communion since the Early Communion programme began at Saint Paul's in 2008.

It's a boy! Welcome Caleb Turrell

Caleb Turrell born 20 May 2017

Saphira & Tom Turrell are delighted to announce that Amadea has a baby brother. Caleb arrived  at 2 a.m. on Saturday 20th May. Congratulations to the Turrell family -- Delilah, the golden retriever, too!

Father Dan to serve as interim

Father Dan on the Riviera

The Saint Paul's Church Council is pleased to announce that Father Daniel Langdon-Griffiths has agreed to serve as interim minister at Saint Paul's after Father Walter's retirement this summer. Father Dan will take up this interim ministry at the beginning of August and may serve until the end of January or until the Father Dan Langdon-Griffithsarrival of the next Chaplain of Monaco, whichever comes first.

Father Dan served a student placement with Father Walter in January 2014 before his ordination in July of the same year. Since his ordination Father Dan has served as Curate of Saint Helen's in the Diocese of Liverpool. Father Dan has served as locum (replacement) minister for Father Walter on a few occasions. Over the weekend of May 20-21, Father Dan earned his amateur pilot's license and celebrated his 35th birthday.

Beach Party Planned: 25 June

Miami Plage beach party 25 June

The Chaplaincy community will come together on Sunday, 25 June, for a retirement party for our Chaplain, Father Walter Raymond OGS. The celebration begins with Sunday morning worship, 10:30 a.m. at Saint Paul's Church, Monte-Carlo, and continues at the beach restaurant "Miami Plage" on Larvotto Beach, Monaco. Archbishop Bernard Barsi plans to attend both the service at Saint Paul's and the beach party following.

For more information, meal choices and to RSVP if you hope to attend, please contact Candida Stille-Humphreys by email or by phone at 06 80 86 95 37.

Former Chaplain celebrates 60 years

Chaplain & Mrs Charles Danes

Father Charles Danes served as Chaplain, with his wife Marion, 1987-93. (Photo c. 1990)

Father Charles Danes

News from Nick Humphreys in Guyana

Nick Humphreys in Guyana

Nick Humphreys, pictured here in a Skype conversation with his father Tim, has sent a lively report from his Project Trust Gap Year placement as a primary school teacher in the village of Kato in Guyana. He reports that he is living in teachers' quarters next to the village school. "Out the back of the house is the rain forest as far as the eye can see; out front are the vast plains of the savanna. All around are local families living with only the bare essentials in mud huts they made themselves. Teaching has been very enjoyable. My class is nursery 2 (4 and 5 year olds) and they are a lovely bunch."

Children on route for a sports day.

"Health and safety does not really exist here and the children travelled to a regional sports day crammed into the back of a truck! In my second month, one of the local kids came over to show me his new litter of puppies. I now have one of those puppies, she is called Lucy. I am busy training her and she will stay here when I leave to be looked after by the Project Trust volunteers who take my place. Currently I could not be happier with my life and I have all of you at St Paul's Church to thank! I will forever be grateful to you all for
helping me get to this amazing country and to be able to help my
school children in such a positive way."

Click here to see Nick's full report with many wonderful photos.

Father Dan in Monte-Carlo

Verger Dave Corns (Liverpool) and Father Dan

Father Dan Langdon-Griffiths returns to Saint Paul's during the week of May 1st to provide locum coverage for Father Walter who is taking a short holiday with his sister visiting from California. Father Dan is pictured here on his ordination day with his great friend, Dave Corns, the Head Verger at Liverpool Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the Anglican world, where Father Dan's ordination took place. Dave will join Father Dan for the first few days of his visit.

Father Walter celebrates 25 years

25th anniversary celebration

Father Walter was pleased to welcome his sister Barbara (second, left) for the celebration of his 25th anniversary of ordination on Sunday, 30th April 2017. Champagne flowed and Easter cake was served after the 10:30 Sunday service to mark this special occasion.

Christening: Rossi Grandchildren

Rossi grandchildren

Ryan Di Giacomo was very happy to watch on as his baby twin sisters, Chloe & Victoria, and his older cousins Sienna & Leandro Rossi we welcomed into the household of faith through the sacrament of Holy Baptism. The Christening took place on Sunday, 23 April with the Rossi family and many friends joining the Saint Paul's Sunday congregation for this very special celebration.

Easter Sunday Celebrations

Easter Sunday Gospel

Saint Paul's Church in Monte-Carlo was filled on Easter Sunday with worshippers and the boisterous singing of Easter hymns. The Saint Paul's Church Easter Choir sang the Vivaldi "Gloria", Bruckner's "Locus Iste", and Liesel Jürgens, Franck's "Panis Angelicus" -- with Drew Hopkins joining in for an improvised duet on the last verse.

The Saint Paul's Easter Choir

Easter Bunny was here ...

Easter Egg hunters 2017

The annual Easter Egg Hunt took place, as always, during the Easter Sunday Club session. This year many of the older kids helped the Easter bunny hide the eggs and then helped the smaller children fill their bags during the hunt.

Easter Egg hunters

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Champions of the Desert

Running the MDS 2017

They did it! Emily & Ben Rolfe crossed the Marathon des Sables finish line on Saturday, 15th April at the end of the hugely demanding 250 km Marathon des Sables. Congratulations Emily & Ben!

Emily with her MDS 2017 medal Ben gets his well deserved reward!

Running the 2017 Marathon des Sables

MDS 2017

Ben & Emily Rolfe are on track in the desert: the first stage of the Marathon des Sables completed, running stage two today (Monday, 10 April).

MDS 2017

Click here to send a message of support to Ben (No. 544) and Emily (No. 545).

Click here to read more about the Rolfes and the Marathon des Sables 2017.

Palm Sunday of Palms and Passion

Blessing of the Palms 2017

Members of the Palm Sunday congregation at Saint Paul's walked up to join the congregation at Église Saint-Charles for the annual Blessing of the Palms. This is the fourth year the two churches have joined together for this service as a sign of our shared faith tradition.

Blessing of the Palms 2017

Father Walter made his way through the crowd to bless the olive branches held by members of Saint Paul's. The Principality provides the olive branches and palms we use each year, but because of an infestation causing the death or radical prunning of many of the palms in the region, there were very few palm branches available this year.

Blessing of the Palms 2017

Returning from the Blessing of the Palms with our Roman Catholic neighbours, members of Saint Paul's paused on the stairway down from boulevard des Moulins for what has become the traditional photo.

Passion Gospel reading 2017

Once back at Saint Paul's the Palm Sunday service continued with the reading of the Passion Gospel, this year according to Saint Matthew, with members of the congregation taking the parts in a dramatised reading.

Letter from Néné

Néné Many of us recently had the pleasure of meeting and perhaps even spending a little time with a delightful girl from Mali. Néné had a serious heart condition and was brought to Monaco thanks to the wonderful charity Children & Future (beneficiary of the annual No Finish Line) for life saving surgery in the Principality.

During her stay in Monaco, Sara & Frank Megginson welcomed her as a member of their family, providing a foster home for her in Monaco. Sara filled in for her mother and accompanied Néné on visits to see the doctors, for tests, and then sitting at her bedside after the surgery.

When the time came for Néné to return to her home, after a very successful surgery in Monaco, Sara was delighted to receive the following from Néné.

Néné's note to the Megginsons

Sara, I thank you for looking after me, for taking care of me, as though I were your child, as though I were part of you. What I have at the depths of my heart cannot be put into simple words. I can only thank you and Frank. Merci! ...

AGM 2017

AGM 2017

More than 50 members of the Saint Paul's Church community attended the church's Annual General Meeting on Sunday 2nd April, 2017. A very friendly and congenial atmosphere reigned throughout the meeting as the church community took time to review church activities in 2016, approve financial accounts for the past year, and elect the members of the Saint Paul's Church Council.

The Church Council

Members of the Church Council, from left to right: Samantha Stirling, Mary de Vachon, Ben Rolfe, Stephen Kenyon-Slade, Rupert Katritzky, Tim Humphreys, Frank Megginson, Father Walter, Philippa Casey and Brian Fenwick-Smith. Not pictured, members unable to attend the AGM: Dani Carew, Jane Roffe, Chris Sladden and Tom Turrell.

The AGM was pleased to return all of the members of our Church Council for another year of leadership at Saint Paul's. Ben Rolfe was appointed to serve as our Treasurer with Brian Fenwick-Smith staying on as a member of the council. Dani Carew, Samantha Stirling and Mary de Vachon were elected to serve as our Delegates to the Archdeaconry Synod for 3 years beginning in June 2017.

Father Walter's last AGM

The Saint Paul's Association President, Frank Megginson, closed the meeting with an expression of gratitude to Father Walter who will retire in July. Father Walter responded offering thanks for the many in our community who give so generously of time and resources for the mission of our church, and who have earned for Saint Paul's a truly merited reputation as a warm, welcoming and effective community of Christians.

Brian Fenwick-Smith: job well done!

Mr Brian Fenwick-Smith

Standing down as the Honorary Treasurer at the church AGM, after a three year term in that office, Mr Brian Fenwick-Smith was praised for the progress made over the time he has been responsible for our church finances. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Brian for the tremendous effort he made over the past three years to standardise and simplify our financial reports; to consolidate and streamline our banking procedures; to keep proper records of cash receipts and payments; and to legally declare the work of all our employees.

Brian is particularly pleased to have found funding for the church choir and, indeed, how much do we all appreciate the arrival of Drew Hopkins as lead chorister thanks to the very generous donation that established the choir fund two years ago. He was also pleased to report to the members of our church, that the funding is now entirely in place for the Library Lift which will be installed over the summer. In Brian's 3 years as our Treasurer, we saw our savings grow 19% to a total reported at the end of 2016 of over € 2.2 million. 

Thanks to Brian's leadership we have also seen the development of the Charitable Donations Committee and reflecting our commitment as a church to direct approximately 10% of our annual income beyond Saint Paul's to respond concretely to the needs of our region and our world.

So much has been accomplished in just three years and, Brian notes, "all achieved in very constructive and friendly council meetings!" Well done Brian: we are all very grateful to you for all you have done for us as our Treasurer.

Curry Night resounding success!

Curry Night 2017

An estimated 80 hungry fans of Indian food descended on Saint Paul's Church Library on Thursday, 30 March, for a wonderful Curry Night fund raiser supper. Ben Rolfe, upper left corner of the photo, gave a short presentation during the supper providing background information about the gruelling "Marathon des Sables" that he and his daughter Emily (16 years) have trained for months to run. The Marathon begins in a week and requires participants to cover 250 kilometres in just 6 days.  Donations for the supper were collected to fund the purchase of a sophisticated microscope needed for research on the effects of diabetes on kidneys, and a whopping 2,320€ was raised at the Curry Night at Saint Paul's. Many thanks to all the many volunteers who helped cook the curries, prepare the Library, serve the meals and tidy up afterwards.

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Mothering Sunday 2017

Mothering Sunday 2017

Many thanks to all the children and young people who helped make this years Mothering Sunday such a special day for our mums: Happy Mother's Day!

Ecumenical Evensong, Lent 2017

Evensong in Lent

For the second year in a row, the ecumenical community of Monaco celebrated Evensong in the Lent at Saint Paul's Church, on Sunday, 12th March this year. Archbishop Bernard Barsi of Monaco and Chanoine Patrick Keppel, Ecumenical Officer for the Diocese of Monaco participated in the service, as did Pasteur Christian Babéry, from the Église protestante Unie de France, who offered a sermon to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, begun by Martin Luther in 1517.

The Saint Paul's Evensong Choir

The Saint Paul's Church Choir, reinforced with lead singers for each of the four voices, sang a beautiful service featuring the Magnificat by Sir Stanford Villiers and solos from Drew Hopkins, tenor, and Liesel Jürgens, soprano.

Evensong clergy

Click here Simon Wynne's photos from the Evensong service and reception.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Nicole Feaster cooking up pancakes!

Nicole Feaster was hard at work this weekend cooking up a storm of pancakes in preparation for the annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. Cooks from many of our other Sunday Club families were similarly busy getting ready for the annual feast on the day before the beginning of Lent.

Pancake Supper 2017

Ben Rolfe reports: "The Pancake Supper was a fantastic success . We had over 50 attendees and raised over €850 for Diabetes UK which is a great achievement. It was a true team effort with everyone chipping in with what they can do, and some truly Herculean pancake making efforts. Just carrying 150 pancakes is hard enough let alone making them!!!"

Pancake gang

Ben also reports that he fielded a lot of questions about the Marathon des Sables (see following article). He writes, "I actually participated in 2011 and a detailed account of which can be found in my book Running High and Running Low which can be ordered at Amazon, click here for the book link. All profits from book sales go to Diabetes UK.

Members of the Pancake Team

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Ben & Emily in training for the Sahara

Ben & Emily geared up to run in the Sahara

Here is a message from Emily Rolfe, "My dad and I are training to run the Marathon des Sables, the 'world’s toughest footrace', a 250km run in the Sahara Desert, from the 7th to the 17th of April 2017. To encourage us in our journey, through the intense training and during the race itself, you can help us raise funds for a £19,500 Diabetes UK project. Click here for more information about the Marathon Des Sables and our project to raise money for Diabetes UK."

Great night at the Circus Festival

Ecumenical Service at the Circus 2017

Christians from all along the Riviera nearly filled the Big Top in Fontvielle for the annual church service at the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. This is the biggest celebration in the region during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18-25 January each year.) It is also one of the most unique of Christian celebrations in the world. Representatives of more than 50 churches attended this year's service, with our own Clara Fillery (striped jumper in the photo above) in her role as one of the youth judges for this year's festival.

Circus performers at the circus service.

As usual, acts from this year's International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo contributed to the ecumenical gathering of Riviera churches at the circus performing their circus acts in the course of the service. Pictured here, the Xianjiang Acrobatic Troupe, winners of a Silver Clown at this year's festival.

Vanessa & Ian renew their Vows

Ian & Vanessa Ilsley with their children

The new year 2017 got off to a great start at St Pauls when, after 20 years of marriage, Vanessa and Ian Ilsey renewed their wedding vows at the New Year's Day Family Communion. Congratulations to Ian and Vanessa who are pictured here with their children Charlotte and Alex.

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A Christingle Christmas Eve

Christingle preparations

On Christmas Eve morning, a cheerful team of Christingle volunteers worked in the Chaplain's kitchen to prepare the candied oranges that are blessed and distributed to the children at the Christmas Eve Christingle service.

Christingle children at the crèch

Christmas arrived in Monte-Carlo a bit after 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve when our children carried Baby Jesus to the Crèche and placed him in the manger ...

The Light of Christmas

Then it was time to celebrate, candied oranges lit, and the light of the new born babe of Bethlehem carried out into the world: Tidings of Great Joy!

Christmas smiles

The annual Children's Christingle service on Christmas Eve has become an important part in the Christmas celebrations for many of our families. The smiles on this group of our Sunday Club children speaks volumes.

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