Saint Paul's Anglican Church, Monte-Carlo

2014 News

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Christingle on Christmas Eve

Christingel Service 24 December 2014

The porch of Saint Paul's Church was filled with bright ights and brighter smiles at the conclusion of the annual Christingle Children's Christmas Eve service.

Christingel work Party

Father Walter's kitchen filled with smiles and good cheer on the morning of 24 December as a huge work party went about decorating the organes distributed to the children on Christmas Eve at the annual Christingle service.

Christingle work party

The Children's Nativity Play 2014

Children's Nativity Play 2014

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Jonny Richardson and the parent volunteers were delighted with the wonderful way the children at Saint Paul's participated in this year's fabulous Nativity Play. With one of the biggest casts ever and a lot of spoken parts, this year's play easily captured the attention and admiration of the congregation at Saint Paul's, on Sunday 21 December -- a super effort by all involved. Bravo!

Click here to watch a short film clip from this year's play.

Jonny Richardson with the cast of the Nativity Play 2014


Carol Service 2014

Prince Albert attends Carol Service 2014

"The best Carol Service ever!" in the opinion of Warden Cyril Badaro, and few could dissagree. "The best thing about tonight," commented Father Walter, "was the way our amazing team of Saint Paul's volunteers, from the reception hosts to the choir, pulled together to make this year's Carol Service such a great success!"  (Pictured here, Jane Roffe, Helen Tugman, Frank Megginson, HSH Prince Albert II, Father Walter & Archbishop Bernard Barsi of Monaco.)

Prince Albert II

The highlight of the Carol Service this year was surely the attendence of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. The Prince not only attended the service, but also gave one of the readings. Most appropriately, given the arrival of children in the Princely Family only a few days earlier, His Highness read, "While they were there, the time came for (Mary) to deliver her child. And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn."

Carol Service 2014

Welcoming Prince Albert to Saint Paul's Church, Father Walter said, "Monseigneur, we all share in the joy and delight of these past few days and are thrilled that you are able to spend some time with us this evening. We wish you and Princess Charlene heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your son and daughter, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella." He then invited the congregation to bow heads in prayer:

 God our Creator,
who knows each of us by name and loves us from all eternity:
we give you thanks for new life and human love.
Bless Prince Albert and Princess Charlene
as they welcome their children into the world.
Give them patience and wisdom to cherish and love them as they grow.
Surround the family with the light of hope and the warmth of your love today and always; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Carol Service Reception

Many thanks to Helen Tugman and her lovely team of volunteers (Jane, Tess, Gillian, Marianne, ...) that organised another wonderful Carol Service reception with delicious mulled wine, minced pies and other traditional treats aplenty.

Congratulations to Patricia Cerrone, Gottfried Kappen and the Saint Paul's soloists and choir. Virginie Connell wrote, "I just wanted to say how lovely your carol service was.  The choir sings most beautifully and the trumpet seemed like an annunciation angel out of a Da Vinci."

Three cheers for our Wardens Cyril Badaro and Tim Humphreys who laboured through much of the morning and evening to ensure everything was ready for the Carol Service. Compliments to Simon Wynne and Father Fernando, sound; Ian Brodie, photos; Mary, Candida, Kris & Pauline, greeters, and to Anne Fafoutakis and all of our brilliant readers.

This fabulous team proves, yet again, that when we all work together hand in hand, great things can be accomplished in God's good name at Saint Paul's.

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Volunteers Deck the Halls at Saint Paul's

Photo compliments of M. F. Nebinger, Photographe du Palais

Many thanks to our big team of volunteers that turned out on Monday evening, 8th December, to "Deck the Halls" at Saint Paul's Church. The annual work party included many children and their parents, and the decorations even included a fresh green Christmas tree , replacing the plastic tree of years past.

The "Creche Provençal" at Saint Paul's

Anne-Marie Bolla has made her annual contribution to the festive decorations at Saint Paul's, with the help of Gillian Flint-Johnson. We are privileged again this year to host the beautiful "creche provençal" that Madame Bolla's mother began to create, with painstaking care, over 50 years ago and which her daughter continues to build and kindly shares with all of us.

Confirmation 2014

The Confirmation Group 7 Dec 2014
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A full church celebrated the confirmed faith of four candidates on Sunday 7 December (Advent II) welcoming Bishop David Hamid who presided and celebrated Holy Confirmation at Saint Paul's Church.

Michael and Regina Healy - 40 years!

Also celebrating a special event at Saint Paul's on Sunday 7 December were Michael and Regina Healy who marked their 40th Wedding anniversary on 4 December. At Communion, Bishop David offered them a special blessing.

The Best Ever Ecumenical Kermesse

The St Paul's Café and Cake stand
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This year's annual Ecumenical Kermesse was, for Saint Paul's Church, one of the very best ever. The task of organising and staffing our Coffee and Cake stand has in recent years successfully passed to a new generation of leaders and volunteers, and on Saturday 6 December, the St Paul's stand raised more than 1,700€ for charity, toppling the previous record by more than 700€! Amazing indeed! (The Ecumenical Kermesse is a massive charity bazaar held under the Monaco Circus Tent, operated for more than 40 years by a group of the Monaco churches and charities.)

Smiles abound at the St Paul's wash-up stand

Smiles abounded at this year's Ecumenical Kermesse at the Saint Paul's Coffee and Cake stand (above photos) and at the traditional Ecumenical Lunch. Bishop David Hamid (below left) -- visiting the Chaplaincy -- particularly enjoyed the company of our ecumenical collegues: Archbishop Bernard Barsi (right), Pastor Didier Meyer (2nd left) and Father Patrick Keppel (2nd right).

Bishops delight in the traditional Ecumenical lunch

Church cieling gets a lift ...

Church Repairs in early December 2014

Tim Humphreys, Peoples' Warden and House Committee Chair, was delighted with the work of refreshing the ceiling of our church. Problems in recent years left parts of the ceiling damaged and discoloured. Now solid repairs and a fresh coat of white paint have left the church in great shape for the holiday season.

Monopoly Tournament raises 2,000€

Dani Carew  This year's Monopoly tournament set a new record with a total of 2,000€ raised for the Bishop's Advent Appeal. The Saint Paul's Church Committee, meeting on Monday 1st December, voted unanimously to match this amount bringing the total of funds raised for Bishop Robert's first Advent Appeal to 4,000€
Congratulations to Dani Carew and her steadfast commitment to the Bishop's Advent Appeal. Click here or on the photo (left) for more information about the Bishop's Advent Appeal this year.

It's Official: Advent has begun ...

Lighting the First Advent Candle ..

The new church year began with our tradition of lighting the first Advent Candle on Sunday 30th November.

Lighting the Advent Candle ...

Later in the day representatives from the Anglican Churches on the Riviera (ACR) joined in worship to bring in the new church year with a lovely service of Advent Lessons & Carols at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Nice. The new chaplain in Nice, Father Peter Jackson, is pictured here leading the service.

Advent Lessons & Carols

Hallelujah! A Miraculous Messiah at Saint Paul's

Messiah at Saint Paul's 29 Nov 2014

Choristers, musicians, audience and wonderful sounds filled Saint Paul's to the brim on Saturday 29 November for this year's majestic performance of Handel's  "Messiah". Oxford native and graduate, Maestro Errol Girdlestone commented, "I’ve tried to conduct Messiah several times in my career (probably more than twenty) and last night I nearly managed to get it right!" ... More than right! as any of the 150 or so attending Saturday's concert can readily affirm. Special thanks to our own Kris Kielbasiewicz, Pauline Litvin, Patricia Cerrone, Gillian Johnson-Flint, Jane Roffe, Bob Killian, and Simon Wynne whose ever generous efforts helped make Saturday's amazing concert possible.

Messiah at Saint Paul's 29 Nov 2014

Alpha's one day Holy Spirit Retreat

The Alpha retreat day group

The Alpha group enjoyed an inspiring "Holy Spirit Retreat" on Saturday 22nd November that was held at Saint Michael's Anglican Church in Beaulieu-sur-mer. During the day the Alpha course participants from Saint Paul's and the Monaco Christian Fellowship, enjoyed a great spirit of fellowship and community, as the smiles in this group photo suggest! Click here for more photos from Alpha.

Enjoying the Alpha retreat day

Saint Paul's on the No Finish Line 2014

Saint Paul's on the No Finish Line

The annual "No Finish Line" is one of Monaco's most popular events raising funds for the Monaco Charity that brings children from 3rd world countries to Monaco for life saving and life changing surgery. Thousands of walkers & runners this year logged 342,323 kilometers for the charity netting donations that reached a record 393,672€ raised in the 10 days of the event.

Once again this year, Saint Paul's Church was superbly represented on the No Finish Line. The Turco family made a great contribution to the "Barclays" team effort and youngest son Max (5 years old) completed more than 19 kilometers!

The 24 hour Marathon

Of the many teams participating in this year's event, "Pussy Footing Around" counted many members of the British community in Monaco including some of the regulars attending Saint Paul's Church. Our own Ben Rolfe and the Rolfe family were very effective in providing both leadership and inspiration as the  Pussy Footing Around team leaders. Leading from the front, Ben completed the equivalent of 9 marathons in 10 days. Alice Rolfe placed 1st in her age group with 101 tours of the track, Isabel came in 2nd in her age group covering a distance of over 100 kilometers, and Emily clocked a more-than-impressive 207.6 kilometres overall! (Some of the Pussy Footing Around team are pictures above in the early hours overnight of the team's 24 hour campaign.

Congratulations to all of the NFL participants from Saint Paul's Church and especially to the young people who "went the distance" for this wonderful cause.

Bishop Robert's First Advent Appeal

Eritrean survivors in Crotone

Bishop Robert writes: One year after the tragedy off Lampedusa

I am writing this letter on the anniversary of the Lampedusa migrant shipwreck. On 3rd October 2013, a 20 metre fishing boat carrying migrants from Africa caught fire and sank just off the southernmost point of Italy, killing over 360 people. The tragedy was marked by a day of mourning in Italy. The European Commissioner for Home Affairs said: “let’s make sure what happened in Lampedusa will be a wakeup call to increase solidarity and mutual support and to prevent similar tragedies in the future.”

 The plight of migrants crossing the sea to the Italian coast

Following the Lampedusa tragedy, the Italian government has launched the Operation “Mare Nostrum” with a wide scope to save and rescue persons in distress at sea. Despite this impressive operation, many other tragic incidents have happened and still happen in Greek, Italian, Spanish, Cypriot or Maltese waters. These tragedies remind us of the plight of all those fleeing war and conflict - people desperate to find sanctuary in the relative safety of Europe. At the present time, we are particularly conscious of those escaping cruelty and destruction in the Middle East, particularly refugees from Syria and Iraq.

Refugee Camp in Sicily

In this light, I present to you my first Advent Appeal as Bishop with the intention that our European diocese can express solidarity with some of the most vulnerable people in Europe.

Click here or on the photos to read Bishop Robert's Advent Apeal 2014 letter ...

Royal Assent for Women Bishops

Women priests with the Archbishop of Canterbury

(From The Belfast Newsletter) Measures paving the way for the appointment of women as bishops in the Church of England received royal assent from Queen Elizabther, on 23 October. House of Commons Speaker John Bercow told the Commons that the Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure, agreed by both Houses of Parliament in early October, had cleared its final legal hurdle with sign-off from the Palace. The Church of England General Synod is meeting on November 17 to formally conclude the process and women will be eligible to fill vacancies after this date, and it is possible that a woman might be appointed bishop in the Church of England, by the end of this year.

Click here to listen to Father Walter's sermon on women bishops (16 Nov 2014).

Archbishop Hines visits St Joseph's Church

Father Fernand & Archbishop Hines

On Sunday 16 November, Father Fernando Mallari and the people of Saint Joseph's Church (who hold Sunday services at Saint Paul's) were delighted to welcome one of the founding bishops of the International Communion of the Charistmatic Episcopal Church (ICCEC), the Most Revd Loren Hines, the retired Primate of the ICCEC in Asia and Bishop of the Diocese of Manila.

Bishop Hines at St Joseph's Bishop Hines with his people here

Archbishop Hines celebrated Mass and preached for the congregation of St Joseph's Church, Monaco. Click on the photos above for larger copies.

Remembrance Sunday 2014

The Procession to the Churchill Monument

A stalwart contingent braved the threat of torrential rain to attend this year's annual Remembrance Sunday service. As usual the service began with a procession along Avenue de Grande Bretagne to the monument of Sir Winston Churchill up the street. There Commander Michael Healy, Royal Navy retired, addressed the gather and Father Walter offered a prayer. Click here or on the photo above for more pictures from Remembrance Sunday.

Remembrance Day group

While the adults attended the annual Remembrance Sunday service in the church -- click here to listen to Father Walter's Remembrance Sunday sermon -- the children in the Sunday Club enjoyed a lively session focused on the story of David and Goliath with Bianca helping her mother Juulia to lead the session.

Monopoly Tournament Edition 2014

Monopoloy Tournament 2014

The 17th annual Monopoly Tournament was the occasion for much enjoyment in the late afternoon and early evening of Saturday 8th November 2014. Adults and children competed for prizes. Funds raised thanks to this annual event a offered in response to the Bishop in Europe's annual charity "Advent Appeal".

Children champions

Jane Roffe organised, as usual, the children's tournament and is pictured here with the 2014 children champions!! Liesbeth Tinker and Rupert Katritzky came in first and second, respectively, in the adult tournament. Congratulations all!

Monopoly Tournament Winners !!

Click here or on the photos for more pictures from the Monopoly Tournament.

Jacqueline celebrates 90 years!

Jacqueline Runnicle's 90th birthday party

Jacqueline Runnicles enjoyed a lovely surprise on her birthday (5 November) when her son Michel, visiting from England, organised a birthday luncheon to celebrate Jacqueline's 90th birthday. Many longtime friends, including a team of pastoral visitors from Saint Paul's Church, were pleased to share in this very special surprise birthday party.

Jacqueline admiring her beautiful birthday card.

Jacqueline is pictured here admiring her very special 90th birthday card, handmade and beautifully designed by Patricia Cerrone and signed by everyone attending church the previous Sunday.

Chaplain returns from a holiday in Assisi


Father Walter enjoyed a full week exploring the important sites in the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. It was a week of refreshment and renewal much appreciated. He was particularly pleased to join the Anglican community at St Leonard's Church in Assisi on 26 October and the congregation of Holy Cross Anglican in Bologna (pictured here) on All Saints Sunday.

Holy Cross Church, Bologna

Of particular note was the wonderful congregational singing at the Anglican church in Bologna. Despite barely a dozen in the entire congregaiton, the singing was splendid. Click here for a short video of the singing in Bologna.

Deacon Dan Langdon-Griffiths in Monaco

Deacon Dan Langdon-Griffiths

On All Saints Sunday (2nd November), the Chaplaincy of Saint Paul's bid a fond farewell to the Revd Daniel Langdon-Griffiths, Deacon, who served as locum, providing cover for Father Walter while he was away on his holiday in Assisi. Dan serves as assistant curate at Saint Helens, Merseyside, in the Diocese of Liverpool. Our prayers go with Dan and his wife Liz, as Dan completes his year in the order of Deacon and prepares for ordination as a Priest in 2015.

Institution of the New Chaplain in Nice

The institution of Father Peter Jackson as Chaplain in Nice.

Deacon Dan Langdon-Griffiths was pleased to represent Father Walter at the institution of Father Peter Jackson (photo: 6th from the left) as the new Anglican Chaplain in Nice, on Wednesday 29th October. The Venerable Ian Naylor, Archdeacon of France (5th from the left) presided and preached at the institution liturgy, and Anglican clergy and ecumenical colleagues from along the Riviera came to support Father Peter and celebrate this new ministry.

Archbishop Barsi hosts Ecumenical Lunch

Ecumenical Lunch Oct 2014

Archbishop Bernard Barsi of Monaco (right) hosted an informal gathering of ecumenical clergy at his resident in the Archevêché of Monaco. Joining him for this lunch were Father Patrick Keppel, Ecumenical Officer for the Diocese of Monaco, Pasteur Didier Meyer from the Église Réformée and Father Walter.

Welcome baby Santina Morelli

Santina Morelli

Louise and Marino Morelli, regular members of our 8 a.m. Sunday congregation at Saint Paul's were delighted to welcome the birth of their first baby Santina, at CHPG born at 12:09 p.m. on Thursday 16th October and weighing 6lb 6oz.

The Alpha Course: off and running

Alpha Course 2014

The Saint Paul's Church Library filled to capacity on Tuesday 14 October for the first in a 10 week series of Alpha Course sessions. Saint Paul's has joined the Monaco Christian Fellowship (MCF) in offering this year's Alpha Course.

Alpha table talk

After sharing a meal together and watching a video presenting the theme for the evening, the members of the table groups engage in free and open discussion about Jesus Christ and the core beliefs of Christianity.

A Rare Riviera Pulpit Exchange

The Menton chapel and Father David Hart in Monaco

Father David Hart, Chaplain of St John's Anglican Church, Menton, traded places with Father Walter on Sunday 12 October, taking the main service in Monaco while Father Walter did the same in Menton. Father David -- pictured here with some of the children of the St Paul's Sunday Club -- has been serving as Chaplain in Menton since January. Services there are held in Chapelle Saint Roch (photo left) while the chaplaincy community awaits a return to the historic Saint John's Anglican Church, damaged in a construction accident 4 years ago.

Blessing the Birds and Fishes

Blessing the Birds

On Friday 10 Ocotber, Ruth Knight joined Father Walter for their annual visit to the the home of Countess Nine del Bove d'Itri and her son Alain Prauly for the blessing of their managerie of 36 birds and several fishes. Click here for more pictures of the wonderful birds, fishes and their care givers in Cap d'Ail.

Ruth, Alain & Nina

The Annual Blessing of the Animals

Blessing the Richardson hamsters ...

A large congregation shared in the joy of the annual Blessing of the Animals (Feast of St Francis of Assisi) on Sunday 5th October this year at St Paul's. A good number of dogs, one cat and a pair of baby hamsters (pictured here) received the annual blessing offered by the children of the Sunday Club and Father Walter. Click here for more photos from the Blessing of the Animals.

Ecumenical friends

Following the Blessing of the animals the people of Saint Paul's were pleased to welcome Pastor Darrell Tunningley (photo centre) who ministered to us as our guest preacher. Darrell came to Christ while imprisoned for armed robbery and in the years since his conversion has been raised to serve as a Pentecostal pastor and as an international spokesperson for the Alpha Course. Also joining us for the service: Pastor Dave Akerman (photo left) from the Monaco Christian Fellowship, our partner in hosting the Alpha Course in Monaco this year.

Anglicans welcome HMS Echo

Commanders Healy (ret.) and Newell aboard HMS Echoe

Commander (ret.) Michael Healy MBE (left) was pleased to meet with his colleague Commander Phillip Newell on board the HMS Echo during an afternoon of hospitality organised by the two commanders. Members of Saint Paul's along with the British Association and the Royal Legion visited HMS Echoe, in port for the International Hydrographic Conference this week, and then hosted the 48 crew members from the Echo for visits in and around the Principality.

Harvest Festival Food Campaign

Fourneau Economique (Nice)

The open plate collection on Harvest Sunday set a new record with more than 900€ raised for the Fourneau Economique and its hot lunch ministry for the poor and homeless of Nice. This along with the usual abundance of food contributions made for a generous Harvest indeed! Heartfelt thanks for you support of this important ministry! 

Sunday Club starts with a blast (of fun)!

Sunday Club skit on the call of Matthew

On Sunday 21 September, Jonny and Angela Richardson, joined Robie Angeles our Sunday Club helper, in welcoming the children of Saint Paul's Church back after the summer holidays. We kept the Feast of Saint Matthew on Sunday and the children delighted in preparing and presenting a short skit telling the story of when Jesus called Matthew, the tax collector, to follow him and become his disciple.

Sunday Club start up skit

Saint Paul's super Sunday Club continues every Sunday until the Christmas break, young people of all ages are always welcome to join the Sunday Club whether they come for one session or for many! For more information contact Rupert Katritzky, Sunday Club convenor at or call the church office at 93 30 71 06.

Mark Stevens in Concert at Saint Paul's

Mark Stevens in Concert at Saint Paul's

An enthusiastic crowd filled Saint Paul's for the annual Monaco Christian Fellowship's Gospel Concert, featuring this year the worship leader and Gospel singer Mark Stevens. During the concert, Mark gave his own testimony to the gracious power of God when he told the story of growing up as a child TV star (Neighbours) in Australia. As a young man he found himself completely captive in the fast lane culture, addicted to drugs and alcohol and a danger to himself, his family and his friends. It was then, through a former girlfriend, that he had a dramatic encounter with the power of God in Jesus Christ which changed his life forever and for the better! In the 17 years since his decision to accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour, Mark has seen God's Grace flourish in his own life and in the lives of those around him.

Congregation attending the Mark Stevens concert

Saint Paul's was packed for this concert of gospel and worship music with the congregation joining heartily in the singing and praise. Four local churches worked in partnership to make this event possible, including the concert's sponsor Monaco Christian Fellowship, Saint Paul's Anglican Church, the Charismatic Episcopal Church (Father Fernando), and the Communauté Évangélique du Pencôte. Click here for a short video clip from the concert.

Saint Paul's Church Committee Meeting

The Body of Christ

The Church Committee meeting took place in the evening of Tuesday 16 September after a 2 month break for the summer holidays.

Reporting on Chaplaincy activities, Father Walter was pleased to announce that Rupert Katritzky has kindly agreed to serve as our Sunday Club (children’s programme) convenor this year, following Sarah Walton’s return to England. The upcoming Alpha Course was discussed with much enthusiasm and with a commitment from the Church Committee to help with the funding for this important programme. Plans were discussed for a church luncheon to take place after one of the Sunday services in October – details to follow. It was agreed that all of the “open plate” donations on Harvest Festival Sunday (28 September) would go to the Fourneau Economique (the hot lunch programme for the poor in Nice.)

When the attention of the Committee shifted to Association matters, Brian Fenwick-Smith, the Honorary Treasurer of the Association, was pleased to report that our financial situation remains very healthy with a surplus in view for 2014. On the basis of this report, the Church Committee agreed to make a unified grant of 3,333 £ (GBP) in response to the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal 2014, made in partnership with Christian Aid, to support the education and empowerment of over 1,000 women in Afghanistan. This Government of the UK has pledged to match donations to the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal on a two-to-one basis, with the result that our gift works out to a net donation for the Christian Aid programme in Afghanistan of 10,000 £ (GBP).

Most of the Committee members stayed on for a lovely supper prepared by Cyril and Kristina Badaro. The next meeting of the Committee takes place on Tuesday 21 October at Noon.

Lovely Church Picnic in the Sospel Sun

Our Host Brian Fenwick-Smith readin the Lesson

A truly lovely day under the late summer sun on Holy Cross Sunday (14 September) when the congregation of Saint Paul's ventured up into the hill country behind Menton to a lovely country property in Sospel. Our hosts, Brian & Marlies, kindly offered their beautiful country home for the day and supplied a wonderful selection of local cuisine, from pissaladière to barbejaun. 50 were on hand for the picnic worship service and the abundance of fine food, good wine, and excellent company that followed.

Saphira & Tom Turrell talk about Alpha

One of the highlights of this year's picnic was a presentation on the Alpha Course offered by Saphira & Tom Spurrell who shared their own experience of the course as one-time members of Holy Trinity Brompton Place, where the Alpha Course originates. It was very moving to hear this young couple give expression to their deeply rooted faith in Jesus Christ and to learn about the role the Alpha Course played in grounding the two in the Christian tradition.

Click here for more photos from this year's Church Picnic.

Back to School 2014: La Rentrée

La Rentrée

Kids and parents in the extended St Paul's Church community celebrated "La Rentrée" on Monday 8th September joining 6,000 children and young people in Monaco as they returned to classes for another academic year. For many of our young people, La Rentrée brought big changes (even in hair colour!) as they moved on to different levels and even to different schools.

Sadly for a few of our young people, La Rentrée has meant moving away from Monaco: Jack and Max Brodie returned to school this year in England -- joining Vitoria and George Walton and Lilian and Frederick Brady whose families have also moved back to UK. Charlotte Ilsley (pictured lower centre) is now in Aix-en-Province to attend a boarding school there.

Best of luck and heartfelt blessings to all of our young people, near and far, to their parents and teachers as well: Happy Return to School! AND DON'T FORGET we'll have our own version of "La Rentrée" at Saint Paul's on Sunday 21st September when the weekly meetings of our amazing Sunday Club begin again.

The New Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe

Father Walter with Bishop Robert and Mrs Innes

The Revd Paul Needle's report (

Bishop Robert was assured of a warm welcome as he was formally instituted into his chair (Cathedra) at the Diocese in Europe’s Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Gibraltar on Thursday 4 September. The warmth came in the form of unseasonably hot Autumn weather in the peninsula which is a gateway between Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Clergy and Readers from the Diocese shared in the processions and the service where the new diocesan bishop followed ancient custom by taking the historic oaths  and accepting the mandate to lead the Diocese. The Archdeacon of Canterbury, the Venerable Sheila Watson formally led Bishop Robert to the Bishop’s Chair. He preached his first sermon as bishop in the Cathedral then celebrated the Eucharist.

The service had a multi lingual element with Readers using some of the variety of languages from the diocese during the intercessions and at a few other points in the service. The service was followed by a reception at the Governor general's residence.

The text of Bishop Robert's sermon can be read here GIB SERMON

For more photos for the most part taken by the Revd Paul Needle, click here

George Brady signs with Chelsea

George Brady signs with Chelsea

There was a lot of excitment in the Brady household when eldest son George (15) signed his first professional football contract at Stamford Bridge on 4th July. George, a defender, was the captain of Chelsea's Under 18 squad last year and will join the Under 21 team in 2014-15.

Here's the report from the Daily Mail: "Chelsea have fought off competition from their Barclays Premier League rivals to land George Brady from AS Cannes. Both Manchester clubs, Arsenal and Tottenham were all monitoring the 15-year-old starlet, who opted to agree a three-year deal with the Stamford Bridge club. Brady, a 6ft 4in defender, is one of Europe's hottest prospects and is the nephew of West Ham chairman Karren Brady. The Blues have watched the teenager for the past two years and have paid AS Cannes £250,000 in compensation for his services."

Joe & Tina Engaged!

Joe and Tina in Rome

Joe Donald and Tina Bina -- regular members of the 10:30 congregation -- returned from their summer holiday in Croatia and Italy with big news. Over a terrific seaside lunch in Croatia, Joe "popped the question" and Tina happily replied, "Yes." Plans are now in motion for a wedding sometime in 2015. Every blessing to Tina & Joe on the occasion of this momentous decision!

Frank Megginson celebrates 60 years

Frank Megginson with Sara and friends.

Saint Paul's was pleased to join Frank Megginson's in celebrating his 60th birthday (23 August) at the reception following the Sunday morning service on 24 August 2014. Frank has spent more than half of his life in Monaco and most of that time as an active member of Saint Paul's Church where he now serves as Association President and holds the Bishop in Europe's license as a Lay Reader. A number of people were on hand for this celebration, captured in a series of very nice photographs by Simon Wynne, altar server and official church photograph. Click here (or on the photo above) to see Simon's photo's from this special summertime reception ...

Wedding day for Mirella & Enrico

Mirella & Enrico Favory on their wedding day

Chorister and French class assistant and tutor, Mirella Fa and her fiancé Enrico Favory celebrated the blessing of their marriage at Saint Paul's on Saturday 23 August. Joining them for this very happy occasion were members of the Mauritian community in Monaco, some of Enrico's family, and the Saint Paul's Choir whose members happily lead the singing for the wedding. Click here or on the photo above for more photos ...

Father Walter & Sparky in the news ...

Father Walter with SparkyFrom the current edition of Monaco Life (online Monaco news service):

Monaco Paws...

This week we were very happy to chat with Father Walter and his Parson Russell Terrier, Sparky. Where did you find Sparky? "I adopted him from a rescue near Toulon.  He was already well trained when I got him." What do you like about this breed? "They are very quiet dogs, and very intelligent and devoted.  But he will chase most things that move, although he won't attack."  Does Sparky have any special friends? "He likes a dog called O'Neil who lives down the street and he is well cared for by the Rowe family whenever I have to go away.  They have 5 dogs of their own, so he just joins their pack." Where do you like to take Sparky for walks? "We go everywhere.  He is a good hiker, so we go in the mountains quiet often.  He used to be pretty tireless, but now that he is a bit older he has slowed down a little." What is the best thing about having a dog? "He is great company and great for my health.  He must be walked a lot every day so he helps keep me active." Does he have any special habits? "He loves to play. The greatest honour he can bestow on someone is to pick out a toy and bring it to you and ask you to play with him.  His favorite toys are the squeaky, rubbery ones." Does Sparky participate in your priestly duties? "He is always at the 8am service on Sundays and when I say "Go forth", he goes.  Also when I am counseling, he likes to stay close by.  I refer to him as 'My Assistant'." (Interview by Siri Trang Khalsa and photos by Kaidi-Katariin Aksiim)

SoGospel rocks at Saint Paul's Church

The SoGospel singing group

The French singing group "SoGospel" visited the Principality on Wednesday evening 6th August to perform in concert at Saint Paul's Church. The concert was organised by CEP (Communauté Évangélique du Pentecôte) the French language church group that worships at Saint Paul's on Wednesday evenings at 8 p.m. Pastor Rémy Girardi (owner of the Leonidas Belgian chocolate shop in the Condamine) was pleased to present this concert as a testimony to the power of Jesus Christ in the lives of Christian believers. The concert was very well attended and before long the members of the audience were on their feet, clapping hands and swaying to the rhythm of this powerful music. Click here or on the photo above to watch a short video clip from the concert.

Canterbury Ordination: Bishop Robert

Bishop Robert (right) with the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop David
Bishop Robert (right) with the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop David.

(From the Diocesan website)The strains of Widor’s Toccata were drowned by spontaneous applause as Rt Rev Robert Innes walked out of Canterbury Cathedral after his consecration as Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe.

The two hour service, where the Archbishop of Canterbury presided at a Eucharist and the Bishop of London in his sermon welcomed Robert to his new ministry, was attended by visiting bishops, clergy and lay people from around the diocese and many visitors who had travelled for miles to the service on Sunday 20 July 2014.

Representatives of the diocese attending the consecration 

The international nature of the Diocese in Europe was reflected in the mix of languages – the Old testament lesson was read in German by Katharina von Schnurbein, Advisor to the President of the European Commission, the Gospel in Dutch by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Antwerp and the presence of representatives of other churches with whom the diocese is in partnership.

Rev Augustine Nwaekwe, Priest-in-Charge of Ostend in Belgium, served as deacon for the consecration.

Suffragan Bishop David Hamid and the bishop of Oxford stood each side of the new diocesan to present him to the Archbishop and commend him for the office. Bishop Robert then made his vows and commitments before he was ordained by the company of bishops.

He was presented with a bible and, after everyone had shared in Communion, at the end of the service he was presented with his pastoral staff – a sign of his new commitment.

After the service the new bishop said "To be consecrated on my own, in the mother church of the Anglican Communion was a massive honour for me and for our diocese. It gave a very powerful sense of our European diocese’s connectedness and belonging with the wider church. For me personally it was an overwhelming experience. I could not have imagined a more wonderful start to my episcopal ministry.”

Click here for more photos from the consecration service.

Photos and text by the Revd Paul Needle, the Bishop Press Officer.

Farewell Lunchon for a Wonderful Family

Farewell Luncheon for the Waltons 

Several members of the Saint Paul's summer community joined the Sunday Club for a final fare-the-well luncheon for the Walton family who, sadly, are leaving Saint Paul's to return to their home in England. Sarah and Alastair Walton have made a very important contribution to our children's ministy at Saint Paul's over the three years they have lived in the region. The Walton family will be missed!

Frank Megginson: Chevalier of OSLJ-Monaco

Chevalier Frank Megginson, OSJL & Father Walter 

On Saturday 19th July, the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem (OSLJ) - Grand Priory of Monaco, gathered for its first ever National Chapter -- the Grand Priory of Monaco was instituted in December 2014 -- at Saint Paul's Church. Representatives of the Grand Priory of France also attended the chapter service during which Frank Megginson, Lay Reader and President of the Saint Paul's Association, was formally admitted as a knight of the order with the right to the pronominal of "chevalier". Congratulations Chevalier Megginson who is pictured above with Father Walter, the Chaplain of OSJL-Monaco.

Wedding: Lisa & Mike Hurrell

Lisa Downing & Mike Hurrell and their wedding team

Lisa Downing and Mike Hurrell were married at the Mairie of Monaco on Monday 7th July. A lovely reception followed the civil ceremony at the new Yacht Club of Monaco. Lisa's daughter Matty joined her friend Marina Stille as bridesmaids.

Deacon Dan Langdon-Girffiths

Ordination of Dan Langdon-Griffiths as Deacon

Bishop Richard Blackburn, the Bishop of Warrington (Suffragan, Liverpool) was pleased to ordain 11 candidates to the Holy Order of Deacon, in Liverpool Cathedral on Sunday 6th July 2014. Among the 11 was our own "ordinand", now the Reverend Daniel Landon-Griffiths (above, and right end, below) who served a 2 week internship with us at Saint Paul's at the beginning of the year. (Click here for the report from January.) Deacon Dan has already taken up new work as the Curate in the Benefice of Sutton, St Helen's, Merseyside. Deacon Dan will return to Monaco at the October to serve as locum clergy for Father Walter.

Liverpool ordinands - 6 July 2014

The Fourth of July in Monaco

4th of July in Monaco

Stars'n'Bars organised its annual 4th of July street party in the Port of Monaco with over a thousand attending. Jonnie Richardson and his kids pictured here, enjoyed the "wild bull ride" in particular.

Sunday Club Year-End

Sunday Club year-end celebrations

The Saint Paul's Sunday Club celebrated the end of the School Year, on Sunday 29 June, with the presentation of year-end awards: special Sunday Club bookmarks designed by Sarah Walton. Sarah, the Sunday Club convenor, introduced the awards commenting on how well the children have participated in Club activities this year and expressing her thanks to the parent volunteers that make the Sunday Club and our annual Nativity Play such vital parts of our ministry at Saint Paul's.

Sadly, it was also announced that the Walton family will be moving back to England over the summer to allow Alastair to accept a promotion in his company. The Waltons have made an extraordinary contribution to our church and especially to our Sunday Club, writing and directing the Nativity Play for 2 years and helping with the Sunday Club since their arrival in Monaco 3 years ago. In recognition of all of this Nikki Johnston was pleased to present a farewell gift to the Walton Family, a copy of Spencer Hodge's drawing of a sheep's head for masks used in the Nativity Play in December 2013.

A Bible Story for the Sunday Club Nikki Johnston presents special gift
Sarah Walter, Sunday Club convenor George holds the gift with Sunday Club signatures.

Alice Pisano's Baptism

Alice Rolfe presenting Alice Pisano with the Light of Christ ...

One of the highlights of the Sunday Club year-end celebration on Sunday 29 June, was the Baptism of 7 month old Alice Isabelle Marianne Pisano. Another Alice from Saint Paul's, Alice Rolfe, was pleased to present the "Light of Christ" a special candle lit from the Paschal Flame, to Alice Pisano at the close of the of the Baptismal rite.

Alice Pisano and company

Stéphanie & Stephen: A St Paul's Family Wedding

Stéphanie & Stephen leaving St Paul's

Stephen Kenyon-Slade, a long-time member of our Chaplaincy community, and his new wife Stéphanie Viale celebrated the Blessing of their Marriage at a wedding ceremony at Saint Paul's Church on Saturday 28th June 2014.

Joining the happy couple on this special day were more than 100 invited guests from around the world. A reinforced Saint Paul's Church Choir, supported by organ and trumpet, provided a beautiful serenade of choral music for the service. The wedding reception took place in the gardens of the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and included the surprise (for Stephen) the joyful strains of Highland bagpipes.

Stéphanie & Stephen Stéphanie & Stephen and the piper

Stéphanie & Stephen at the Villa Rothschild reception

Anglican clergy enjoy lunch and fellowship

Anglican Clergy on the Riviera

All of the Anglican clergy & spouses serving along the Riviera -- from Menton to Saint Raphael and the Var -- gathered for lunch and fellowship in Monaco on Friday 27 June 2014. Present for the feast: David Hart (Menton), Giles & Christine Williams (Cannes), Michael & Margaret Higgins (Nice), Walter Raymond (Monaco), Peter & Shirley Massey (L'Orgues), Keith & Sherlie Bretel (St-Raphael), Brian & Kath Warrillow (Beaulieu), Philip Robinson (Beaulieu),  Sparky the Parson Russell (our No. 14)

Happy Birthday Anne & Pippa Casey

The birthday party at lunch.

We took time on Sunday 22nd June, at the end of our main Sunday morning service, to honour Anne Casey (standing in the photo above) on the occasion of her 95th birthday. Following the service a small group went off to enjoy a lovely birthday lunch at the "Côté Jardin" in the Hôtel de Paris. Pictured here, Mary Cole, Mike McKee, Anne's daughter Pippa Casey (whose birthday is only 2 days after her mother's), Anne, the birthday girl, and Father Walter -- the sixth member of this birthday party, Sparky the dog, was present for the photo but hiding under the table!

A Day at Laghet: Chaplaincy Retreat

Father David Hart, Retreat Leader

Sixteen members of the Saint Paul's Chaplaincy community made a day long pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of N.D. de Laghet on Saturday 21st June. While Saturday was the longest day of the year, the time on retreat went by very quickly thanks to the engaging and active leadership style of the retreat leader, Father David Hart, Anglican Chaplain of Saint John's Church, Menton.

Father David invited the retreat participants to join the disciples on the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24.13-45) and walk with him on spiritual journey based on this passage of scripture. Along the way, we paused as a group to consider the "Challenges" we face (difficulties, obstructions) as individuals and as a church community, but instead of jumping into problem solving mode, to simply take time to relax, have a breath, and "Centre" our attention in faith. From here we went on to reflect on the "Context" of our mission and ministry in Monaco, to  "Contact" our deepest selves in order to understand how best we can work to build a better "Connection" with others in our community.

By all accounts, the participants much appreciated their day with Father David at the Sanctuary of N.D. de Laghet. The talks and discussions were very helpful and encouraging and most of all, the opportunity for fellowship, quite rich.

Jennifer Saville-Sneath R.I.P

Jenny Saville SneathSad news reached us in Monaco late last night (17 June) that Jennifer Saville-Sneath had succumbed to the complications of her year-long battle with cancer at 9:54 p.m. Jenny is pictured here in a recent photograph with her companion "Monsieur Croque."

Jennifer was a great dog lover and a generous friend to many in Monaco and in her chosen home, Antibes. Jenny was a skilled nurse and care giver and was particularly devoted to her mother, whom she cared for with great attention for many years. She had a wonderfully generous heart, full of fun, and she will be missed by her family and her many friends.

A celebration of Jenny's life is planned Friday 27th June at 10 a.m. to take place at the Crematorium de la ville de Cannes, Chemin de la Plaine de Laval, 06150 CANNES LA BOCCA

Fathers' Day at Saint Paul's, Monaco

Victoria & Jack lead Fathers' Day prayers.

Fathers' Day was particularly special at Saint Paul's this year thanks to a Fathers' Day - Trinity Sunday sermon offered by Frank Megginson, Fathers' Day gifts prepared by the children of the Sunday Club, and special prayers offered by young people from our church.

A Rocha Project at the Courmettes

Spencer Hodge with Fr Peter Harris

Our own Spencer Hodge is pictured here in a discussion about the joys of bird watching with Father Peter Harris, co-founder of A Rocha, an international Christian organization which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects.

 Father Peter was in Monaco to meet with representatives of the civic, scientific and religious communities to present a project to develop an environmental education programme at the  Courmettes Centre in Tourettes-sur-loup. After meeting with Father Walter, Father Peter and his colleague Jean-François Mouhot, an enviromental historian and the director of the A Rocha Centre at Les Courmettes, joined Father Walter for a visit of Spencer's studio to meet the artist and to admire his work as wildlife painter.

A Rocha is an international Christian organization which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects - See more at:
A Rocha is an international Christian organization which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects - See more at:
A Rocha is an international Christian organization which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects - See more at:

Archbishop Tutu inspires a Principality

Archbishop Tutu with Prince Albert II of Monaco

MONACO NEWS (from MonacoLife.Net): Archbishop Desmond Tutu delighted the audience at a film premiere tonight by saying that anybody can be a Nobel Prize Laureate, especially when fulfilling the three important conditions of having a short name, like Tutu, a big nose and sexy legs. The renowned champion of peace was speaking during the 54th Monte Carlo Television & Film Festival, which presented the world premiere of Children of the Light tonight at Grimaldi Forum in Monaco in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II…

In conjunction with the premiere, Archbishop Tutu spent the day with local youth at the PeaceJam conference in Monaco. Desmond Tutu said the students were God's special partners who are going to end wars and bring an end to poverty.

Children of the Light depicts the life and legacy of the 20th century moral giant Desmond Tutu, a 1984 Nobel Prize Winner, and the crucial role he played in bringing about the changes to eradicate apartheid in South Africa. As the story of one true inspiration, the film also showcases the work of five young activists around the globe who were inspired by the example of Desmond Tutu and who are now creating major social changes in their communities in Peru, South Africa, Burma, East Timor and India. The end of the film centres on Tutu's hard earned wisdom and encouragement for courage, tenacity, patience and community especially when being involved with social changes. "I am this person because of other persons", says Desmond Tutu in the film, narrated by his daughter, Naomi Tutu. Standing ovations before and after the film premiere were wholeheartedly supported by Prince Albert II.

The Children of the Light premiere also launched the international campaign of PeaceJam's '1 Billion Acts of Peace' which is made up of tens of thousands of young people around the world working together on projects. Theses are thought up, created and run by young people in schools, community centres, clubs and other local groups. PeaceJam is an educational organisation for youth and Nobel Prize Laureates working together to change the world. More info on

PHOTO: Archbishop Tutu with Prince Albert  Claudia Albuquerque

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Anglican Riviera Picnic attracts 70

ACR Picnic 2014

Dani Carew, our Archdeaconry Synod Delegate, and Diocesan Synod Delegate for all the churches in France, took it upon herself to revive the nearly lost tradition of an annual Ascension Day picnic for the Anglican Churches on the Riviera (ACR) community. Dani reports that the picnic, held on Ascension Day, 29 May 2014, was a great success with more than 70 attending for an outdoor Communion service followed by a sumptuous bring-and-share picnic feast.

Click here for more photos from the ACR Ascension Day Picnic.

Dani Carew at the picnic

The Thomas Family returns to Monaco

Canon Barry Thomas, a former Chaplain at Saint Paul's (1995-2000), his wife Delyth and their son Huw will return to Monaco at the end of May when Barry will serve as "Locum" taking services and providing pastoral care at Saint Paul's while Father Walter is away on his annual leave.

Archbishop Tutu visits Monaco

Archbishop Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu will visit the Principality for the launching of a new film about his life during the "Monte-Carlo Television Festival",

Members of Saint Paul's Church have been invited to attend the Premiere of « Children of the Light », featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu, on Sunday June 8th at 5:00 p.m. in the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco.

If you would like to attend this priemiere, please let Father Walter know before Friday 23rd May so that he can have your name added to the guest list and give you a formal invitation to show at the door. Contact Father Walter at or by phone at

New Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe

Reverend Canon Dr Robert Innes, our new Bishop

From the Diocese in Europe website:

The next Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe will be the Reverend Canon Dr Robert Innes, currently Senior Chaplain and Chancellor of the Pro- Cathedral of Holy Trinity Brussels. 

Pictures of Canon Robert and a video interview with him is at

Canon Innes was educated at Cambridge University and is an engineering graduate.

He moved to the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe to become Senior Chaplain and Chancellor of the Pro-Cathedral of Holy Trinity, Brussels in 2005. He was additionally appointed a Chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen in 2012.

Canon Robert Innes is 54 and is married to Helen. They have three daughters and a son. He will be commissioned and consecrated on the 20th July 2014 at Canterbury Cathedral.

The new bishop will be based in Brussels and work closely with the Diocesan Office in London. He says it is timely that news of his appointment comes on the twentieth anniversary of the opening of Eurostar adding; “It links Britain and mainland Europe in a very physical way. My job as a bishop will be to build links and bridges – between England and the continent and between the different parts of our huge European diocese.

A detailed full copy of this news release is at NEW BISHOP NEWS

Archdeaconry Synod 2014 in Brittany

The member of the Archdeaconry Synod 2014

A hundred delegates attended the annual meeting of the Synod of the Archdeaconry of France this year from Wednesday evening 30 April through to Saturday morning 3 May. The delegates represent the many chaplaincies and worship points in France part of the Church of England's Diocese in Europe.

Synod Delegates Dani & Samantha

The lay delegates attending the Archdeaconry Synod from Saint Paul's, Monaco are Dani Carew and Samantha Stirling. Both delegates were elected to three-year terms at the AGM in March. This was Sam's first experience of Synod and she very much enjoyed the stimulating content of the meeting and the opportunity to get to know Anglicans from all over France.

Synod delegates

Father Walter joined Samantha and Dani to represent Saint Paul's at the Archdeaconry Synod. They are pictured here with Valerie Aucouturier, the Synod Delegate from Saint John's Church, Menton.

Archdeacon addressing Synod

The Archdeacon of France, Father Ian Naylor -- picture here addressing the Synod -- lead a "standing committee" responsible for the challenging logistics of organising the accomodation and activities of the more than 100 people attending this year's Synod. Father Ian contributed many quips and samples of his very dry sense of humour helping build a very positive atmosphere at Synod.

Madame Ayoe Karonias 1920-2014

Ayoe Karonias at 90

Ayoe Karonias, a long time resident of Monaco and member of Saint Paul's Church, slipped away quietly in her sleep early Saturday morning 26th April 2014 in her 94th year. Ayoe's health had declined in recent months until her hospitalisation two weeks before her death. No longer able to attend services at Saint Paul's, Ayoe was a faithful member of the small Anglican congregation that worships in the Chapel of the A Qietudine Residence in the Condamine.

Ayoe is pictured below at her 93rd birthday party last October, with her long time friends and caregivers, Jane Roffe (right) and Kristina Oakley.

Ayoe's 93rd birthday party

ANZAC Day in Antibes marks 99 years

ANZAC Day in Antibes

Major Daniel Barrett, representing the Austrailian Defense Forces, gave one of the commemorative addresses at the 2nd annual ANZAC Day ceremony on Friday 25th April, below the War Memorial monument of "Le Poilu" at the "Fort Carré" in Antibes. He his pictured here beside Shelley Ward who provided French translation and served as master of ceremonies for the Anzac memorial.

Commander Healy

Commander Michael Healy, from St Paul's is pictured here with Sargent Andrew Haugh, representing the New Zealand Defense Forces. Sargent Haugh also gave one of the commemorative addresses, and Copmmander Healy attended in his capacity as Chairman of the Nice-Monaco branch of the Royal British Legion.

Anzac Day in Antibes 2014

Mr Steve Wright (photo left) chairs the planning team for the now annual observance of ANZAC Day at Antibes, he concluded the memorial ceremony with words of thanks for Shelley Ward, who took on the lion's share in the organisation of this year's ceremony, and the many guests participating in the ceremony including Father Walter from Saint Paul's Church, Monaco.

Easter Sunday Glorious in Monte-Carlo

Lighting the Easter Candle

A crowded church looked on as the children of Saint Paul's lit the Paschal Candle for 2014. The affirmation of "Alleluia! Christ is Risen!" was greeted with loud cries of "He is risen indeed! Alleluia!" and the annual celebration of the Feast of the Resurrection began with a hearty renditions of "Jesus Christ is risen today."

Click here, or on the photo above, to see the collection of Easter photos.

Father Walter's Easter Sermon

Father Walter found inspiration in St John setting his story of the Resurrection of Jesus in a garden with Jesus mistaken, at first, as a gardener. Click here or on the photo above to listen to Father Walter's Easter Sunday sermon.

Easter Sunday choir

Following the sermon, the congregation was treated to wonderful new anthem with the words of Patricia Cerrone's sonnet "Glorious Saviour" set to music by our organist, Gottfried Kappen.


Glorious Saviour, rising in splendour,
Conquering hatred, sorrow and pain.
Mighty Redeemer vanquishing darkness
Spurning the death-bed where You have lain.

  Mystical stranger, glimpsed in the garden,
Risen anew as night turned to dawn.
Humble companion, refuge of sinners,
Living, that man no longer will mourn.
  Holiest offspring sent by the Father,
Raised to ensure all His work is done.
Teaching on earth the true Word of God, till
Heaven reclaims her radiant Son.
  Alleluià, we sing with one voice,
Alleluià, come forth and rejoice!

A different find in the Easter Egg hunt

The Sunday Club children enjoyed a different sort of "Easter egg hunt" with paper eggs hidden in the St Paul's Library that, once gathered and sorted, produced signs with the Easter message: "He is Risen! He is risen indeed!"

A Palm Sunday to remember and repeat!

Palm Sunday Gathering in Place des Moulins
Many thanks to Ian Brodie - - for the Palm Sunday photos.

More than 60 members of the Saint Paul's community joined with the French and English congregations at Saint Charles Catholic Church, for the blessing of the palms in Monte-Carlo's Place des Moulins". Father Walter joined the clergy of Saint Charles in the blessing, reading the Gospel of the Palms in English.

Blessing of the Palms

Following the short blessing ceremony in Place des Moulins a brass band lead the Palm Sunday Procession up Boulevard des Moulins. When the procession reached to top of the stairs that lead down to Saint Paul's Church, we bid farewell to our ecumenical neighbours and made our way to the church.

The service at Saint Paul's featured a powerful reading of the scripted Passion Gospel according to Saint Matthew, with 20 readers participating. After Communion, the Palm Sunday service concluded with the children handing out palm crosses to everyone attending the service.

Palm Procession

Many hands: palm cross folding party!

Palm Cross folding in the Library

The annual palm cross folding party took place in the Library in the afternoon of Friday 11th April. The "traditional" formula for folding the crosses, inherited from France Amétis, served well again this year and about 140 crosses were prepared for distribution on Palm Sunday. Many thanks to Gillian, Emma, Jane and the Waltons for their help with folding the palm crosses this year.

Palm Cross team

French Class closes until October

French Class 10 April 2014

Saint Paul's French Class closed for the 2013-2014 session on Thursday 10th April. The ever popular classes began when Father Jan Joustra and his family came to Monaco in 2004 and continue under Father Raymond's leadership to this day. Classes run from October to early April each year. This year the class was grateful for the assistance of Mirella Fa, a member of the St Paul's congregation, who assisted Father Walter in teaching the classes, filling in for him when was unable to take a class. Rendez-vous for the beginning of the 2014-2015 session: Thursday 2nd October at 2 p.m. in the Saint Paul's Library. For more information contact Father Walter at

Mission Accomplished: Philippines Relief

Philippines - Typhoon Relief

Father Fernando (wearing a red sweater, centre left in this photo) has sent word saying "Mission Accomplished" the money raised at Saint Paul's and through the Church of St Joseph (Father Fernando's church) has been invested in new roofing materials for nearly 100 of the many damaged homes left in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan last November. Some of the recipients of the new roofing materials are pictured here holding signs that say, "Thank you Mme Liesbeth Tinker and Saint Paul's Church." (Click on the photos for larger copies)

Roofing en route

Council News: Secretary & New Member

John Watton & Jane Roffe with friends

The Committee of St Paul's Church (the Association and Chaplaincy Councils) held its first meeting following the AGM on Monday 31 March in the Chaplain's Apartment. After prayers for healing and unity in our community, the meeting began with the election of John Watton as the new Honorary Secretary of the Chaplaincy Association, taking over from Patricia Cerrone who stepped down at the AGM. (John is pictured above with Petion and Samuel from the school John has worked hard to support in Haiti.) John apologised saying that he would not be able to provide the kind of minutes that Patricia had produced over the 7 years of her term as Secretary: rich in detail, but he would do his best to serve Saint Paul's in the very important role of Association Secretary.

Patricia Cerrone's departure also created a vacancy on the Association Council and the new President Frank Megginson was happy to nominate Jane Roffe to fill this spot. Jane is a long-time member of Saint Paul's Church, the mainstay of the 8 a.m. Sunday congregation, a faithful volunteer looking after the children's table at the annual Monopoly Tournament (pictured, above, with two of the 2013 champions), and she active in the ministry of pastoral care at Saint Paul's.

The committee also moved to appoint the new Warden, Tim Humphreys, as Chair of the very important "House Committee" which, in addition to managing the ongoing maintenance and repair of our building, will now include the management of church and hall bookings, supplying the Library, and coordinating work with our Vergers-Sacristans Anna and François Cataldo. Volunteers interested in helping Tim with this committee are asked to contact him at

The new Association Treasurer, Brian Fenwick-Smith, reported that he has put many hours into familiarising himself with our church finances over the past 8 days following the AGM on 23 March when he was elected to the Association Council and appointed to serve as the Honorary Treasurer. He is in the final stage of closing the books on 2013 and the first three months of 2014 so that he has a clear starting point in accounting for his own term as Treasurer. Brian confirmed that the Association President, the 2 Wardens and he would make up the membership of the very important Finance Committee.

Finally, the Committee decided to fix the 3rd Tuesday of the month as the normal date for its meetings with the next meeting set for Tuesday 20 May. If you would like more information about the Committee and its work, please contact the Wardens at

Mothering Sunday at Saint Paul's

Click on any of the photos below to visit the Mothering Sunday photo archive.

Preparing the Mother's Day flowers

Mother's Day (30th March) or Mothering Sunday as it is called in the Church of England and around the Anglican World, takes place on the 4th Sunday in Lent each year. This is a tradition that dates well back in the history of English Christianity to medieval times throughout Europe. Mothering Sunday seems linked to the observance of "Refreshment Sunday" (and the custom of relaxing of the Lenten disciplines roughly half way through the season) and the similar tradition in France of the "mi-carême". Whatever the historical roots, Mothering Sunday at Saint Paul's is an annual favourite for children, their mothers and all of the Saint Paul's Church community.

Mothering Sunday celebrations began on Saturday, 29th March, in the Chaplain's Apartment with with a work party organised by Juulia Siikala to prepare the flowers that are distributed to the mothers attending the Mothering Sunday service at St Paul's.

Mothering Sunday Children

Several of the chaplaincy children participated in the Mother’s Day service: reading lessons, leading the prayers and litanies of the service. Many thanks to Sarah & Alastair Walton who with the help of the Sunday Club parents, who prepared the children for the service. Mary de Vachon gave a very fine sermon for the young and the young of heart that concluded with a series of delightful portraits of mother and baby birds, drawn from a wide range of feathered species. To the hymn "All things bright and Beautiful" the flowers prepared for Mother’s Day were handed out to all of the mothers attending service and to all of those with mothering instincts. A very enjoyable and joyful time for one and all.

Flowers for the mothers

Ben's new challenge, for Alice

Alice & Ben

From (Martina Brodie, author):

Alice Rolfe seems to be an incredibly sweet and very usual 11 year old girl, and she is. She chats easily about her favourite subjects at school in Monaco, her interest in science and her dream of growing up to become a businesswoman in real estate. But just over three months ago, Alice was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and her life and the life of her family has not been the same since...

There is the practical side of things: her pancreas no longer produces insulin , which is required to absorb carbohydrates. The only way to get insulin into her body is to inject it. Every time she eats, she has to calculate the carb content of every meal. Too much insulin and she can pass out and have a seizure. Too little and her blood sugar increase can cause coma or a stroke. If it's too high for too long diabetics can lose limbs or their eyesight.

Alice's diagnose, Type 1 Diabetes, is a seemingly random event. In fact around 20,000 children are Type 1 in France compared to some 3 million people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which has been linked to lifestyle. Type 1 is a totally different matter, caused by a virus or a genetic disposition that can trigger the body to kill off its own pancreas.

Alice is a brave girl slowly building up the confidence to treat her condition on her own, a big task for any person, especially when she has had to deal with some insensitive comments from some of her teachers who accused her of causing her own condition by eating too many sweets.

To raise awareness about his daughter's diagnosis and help Alice to carry the burden of her condition with confidence, Ben Rolfe has set himself an ultra challenge: The Cro Magnon, a mountain Ultra Trail race from Limone in Piemonte to Cap d'Ail on June 21 and 22, 135 kilometers of mountain trail with over 7,800 metres of climbing. Non-stop. But, to really get our attention, Ben decided to also run to the start of the race from Monaco. With all his equipment, unsupported and non-stop. An extra 100 kilometres on mountain B roads.

This is not the first time Ben has raised money for the charity through ultra marathon races. There are more then thirty thousand pounds to his name raised for cancer research. This time, the money is being donated to Diabetes UK, a charity that has been crucial to the Rolfe family from the moment Alice was diagnosed in the UK, with help, education and information. Even although Alice is now part of the French support system, the family also still relies on Diabetes UK. Diabetes UK also funds research. "They may find the cure during Alice's lifetime", says Ben: "Imagine that. A new pancreas."

Click here, or on the photo above for more information or to make a pledge in support of Ben's Cro Magnon run.

AGM Votes for Change and a Lift

AGM 2014 - Largest gathering
Click on any of the photos to see the collection of pictures from the AGM.
Many thanks to Simon Wynne, our "official" photographer!

The Annual General Meeting on Sunday 23 March attracted almost certainly the largest gathering of church members in the history of Saint Paul's for an AGM. Among the more than 100 in attendance, it was particularly heartening to see so much of the younger church represented, ranging from lifelong members John Luigi Megginson and Roland Godfrey both in their mid-twenties, to newer members Mary Cole and Anne Casey in their 80 and 90 years young, respectively. Truly the whole church gathered for this year’s AGM.

AGM 2014 - Finances

Most of the meeting's time and attention was focused on the review of our Association's financial situation and, in particular, in the way the financial situation is reported. Honorary Treasurer Damien Wan took pains to outline the strengths, as he sees them, of the form he uses to present the chaplaincy accounts and that has been used for more than 30 years. Andrew Gallagher (above, left), our Honorary Auditor, was keen to affirm that the accounts, as presented, were very much in order and accurate.

In response, however, the majority of the members attending the AGM expressed confusion by the level of detail and the length of reports. Mr Brian Fenwick-Smith (above, right) encouraged the AGM to adopt a simpler more readily understood method of reporting for future reports. Mr. Fenwick-Smith provided a sample (click here) of what the results for 2013 would look like in the form he proposes. President Liesbeth Tinker requested a motion to accept the financial reports for 2013 and a second motion authorising the proposed simplification of financial reports for 2014 and thereafter. Both motions were adopted.

Following the adoption of the financial motions, the AGM proceeded to the election of three members to the Association Council.  Brian Fenwick-Smith, Timothy Humphreys (a former Warden) and Frank Megginson (the previous President) were duly elected to the Association Council.

Helen Tugman speaks

After the elections, the AGM concluded its business. Motions were approved asking the Council to develop and formal "Code of Conduct" and to elaborate a policy on charitable giving with the results presented for consideration at the next General Meeting.

Mrs Helen Tugman then rose to remind Saint Paul's that "charity begins at home" and that there is tremendous need now for a lift to be installed in the church building to make it easier for our senior members and the disabled to attend events in the Library. A motion was adopted inviting the Council to commission a feasability study and to advance this very important project.

The Annual General Meeting concluded with the convening of the Chaplaincy AGM, the election of the new Chaplaincy Council and the announcement of the Association and Chaplaincy officers: Frank Megginson, Association President; Cyril Badaro, Chaplain's Warden; Timothy Humphreys, Peoples' Warden; Brian Fenwick-Smith, Honorary Treasurer; Damien Wan, David Tugman, Mary de Vachon, John Watton, and Rupert Katritzky, Members-at-large.

The Chaplaincy AGM also elected  Dani Carew and Samantha Stirling-Lewis as our Archdeaconry Synod Delegates for the next three years. They both are recognized along with Father Walter as ex-officio members of the Chaplaincy Council without a vote on the Association Council.

The Changing of the Guard

Out going members of the Association Council

Saint Paul's Church owes an debt of thanks to the four members of the Association Council who stepped down at the AGM. Together they share nearly 40 years of combined service as council members. Mrs Dani Carew continues as an ex-officio member of the Chaplaincy Council because she is one of our Synod Delegates. Patricia Cerrone has also served for many years as the Choir Secretary. Jeremy Swales has made an important contribution to Saint Paul's over the years as Warden, House Committee Chair and our General Contractor. Liesbeth Tinker has long been one of the mainstays of our team of chaplaincy volunteers serving as Warden (2011-2012) and as our Association President over the past year.

Major Ecumenical Initiative to end Slavery

Archbishop of Canterbury with Pope Francis

(From Bishop David's blog) For the first time in their history, people drawn from the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion have joined forces to combat modern slavery and human-trafficking. Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby have personally given their backing to the newly-formed Global Freedom Network.

The agreement to help eradicate an injustice affecting up to 29 million people was co-signed today, March 17th by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the Holy See, Archbishop Sir David Moxon, the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academies of Science and Social Science, Bishop Sanchez Sorondo, the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Egypt, Dr Mahmoud Azab and Mr Andrew Forrest, the founder of the large international philanthropic anti-slavery organisation from Perth, Western Australia “Walk Free”.  The network has the resources it needs to carry out a five year plan.

Archbishop Moxon has been closely involved in the negotiations which have brought about this landmark in church cooperation. He says:
“Human slavery is a plague on a vast scale in many countries across the world today. This situation is not improving but is probably deteriorating. To quote Pope Francis, ‘We must unite our efforts to free the victims and stop this increasingly aggressive crime which threatens not only individuals but the basic values of society.’ Today representatives from our Churches have made an agreement to act together: one Church, one world – God’s world – where everyone can walk free.”

Click here (or on the photo) for more on this story from Bishop David's blog.

Ecumenical Lenten Prayer in Monaco

Ecumenical Prayer in Lent 

The annual "Prière oecuménique dans le temps du Carême" (ecumenical prayer service during Lent) was held at the Temple of the French Reform Church on avenue Louis-Notari in the Condamine, on Sunday 16th March in the afternoon. Church leaders attending the service, pictured here: Pastor David Akerman,
the new leader of the Monaco Christian Fellowship; a deacon from the Roman Catholic Church; Father Patrick Keppell, Ecumenical Officer for the Catholic Diocese of Monaco; Archbishop Bernard Barsi of Monaco; Pastor Didier Meyer from the French Reform Church in Monaco with a member of his congregation, and Father Walter who offered the sermon. Lay representation from all of the churches in Monaco attended this service of Evening Prayer.

New School Roof Raised in Haiti!

New school roof raised in Haiti

John Watton, chair of the "Raise the Roof" campaign at Saint Paul's, is pleased to report that the roof to complete the new school building at the Lemuel mission in Haiti has been raised! The "Raise the Roof" campaign raised more than 30,000€ to fund this new roof for the Lemuel Mission School.

Click here or on the photo above to visit the Lemuel Mission blog with more story and photos about the new roof and its impact on the lives of the children and staff of the school.

From the Lemuel blog, "All the kids and the teachers were so excited for the roof on the school! We were able to get a picture (photo, above) of all the students, the teachers, most of the roofing team, and most of the Lemuel staff that we could find! ... Today was the first day that they used the school for their classrooms. It was a blessing because we got a few sprinkles of rain and this time the kids didn't have to go running into the church to stay dry! I went to the school right a way this morning and got some pictures of the kids in and by their classrooms."

The Season of Lent begins at St Paul's


The season of Lent began with the Liturgy of Ash Wednesday and continues through to Holy Week. In his sermon on the First Sunday in Lent, Father Walter invited the community at Saint Paul's to observe a Holy Lent through the disciplines of Prayer, Fasting and Alms Giving. Click here, or on the image above, to listen to Father Walter's sermon introducing the Season of Lent.

Ilir Breca Hasani: Baptised among Friends

Ilir Hasani's Baptism March 2014

A small group of friends joined Ilir and Ivanna Hasani in the celebration of Ilir's Baptism as a Christian. Ilir, a native Albanian, became of follower of Jesus Christ while living in New York City. He and his wife Ivanna have been attending services (with their dogs!) at Saint Paul's for several months and over the past month Ilir undertook preparation to be Baptised. The Baptism took place on Shrove Tuesday, 4th March this year.

Pancake Brunch: Savoury and Sweet

Pancake Brunce 2 March 2014

Savoury and sweet pancakes were much appreciated at the annual pancake feast to celebrate Mardi Gras at Saint Paul's. This year the feast took place following the Sunday morning service, a Sunday Pancake Brunch, with donations for the meal offered to the Philippines Typhoon Relief project. Many thanks to Liesbeth Tinker and to her team of volunteers for offering this year's wonderful Pancake Sunday Brunch!


Patricia Cerrone's latest Cryptic Puzzel

Click on the puzzel for a larger copy ...

Patricia Cerrone's Latest Cryptic Puzzel Feb 2014

And here is the solaution to  Crossword No. 1254 by Patricia Cerrone:

Cryptic Solution 1254

Mace-Ritchie Family Baptism for Twins!

Mace-Ritchie Christening 2014

Alexander and Jake Ritchie, twin sons of Jennefer (Mace) and Kevan Ritchie (holding the babies in this photo) were Baptised at Saint Paul's on Wednesday 26th February. The twins' big brother Christopher assisted at the ceremony, as did Grandfather Tony and Uncle Jonny, Jake's godfather.

2014 AGM Reports now available online

AGM 2014 Reports

The annual report of activities at Saint Paul's Anglican Church in Monaco was published and distributed in church on Sunday 23rd February with print copies sent out in the post to members not in church on Sunday. The AGM takes place on Sunday 23rd March following a shortened 10:30 Sunday service. Click here or on the image of the report cover (above) to download your copy of the AGM report document. You must have "Adobe Reader" installed on your computer in order to read a pdf document. Click here to download and install Adobe Reader. 

American Students in Monaco

Delegation from CNU in Monaco

On Saturday 22nd February, Father Walter was invited to meet with former Senator Paul Trible, his wife Rosemary (photo above, centre), and other members of a delegation exploring the possibility of establishing a foreign studies program in Monaco. The program, organised in collaboration with the International University of Monaco (IMU), would host students from Christopher Newport University (CNU), Virginia. Senator Trible has served as president of CNU for 18 years.

Senator Trible, a lifelong Episcopalian, was keen to meet the leader of the  Anglican church community in the Principality, in the hope of offering students from CNU the support of an English language church home, during time in Monaco.

Joining the Tribles and Father Walter for this dinner meeting were (from left to right, above photo) Sigfried Poppe, General Manager of the Marriott Riviera, Susan Feaster from the organising team for Ryder Cup France 2018, and former Secretary of the Army, Colonel Les Brownlee (photo, right). During dinner, Senator Trible shared a story from his time in the US Senate that made its way into Father Walter's Sunday sermon the next day. Click here to listen to that sermon, "Turn the other cheek: non-violence and the Olympic spirit."

The Family Ski Trip tradition carries on

Children enjoying breakfast at the ski lodge

Over the St Valentine's Day Weekend (14-16 February), a good group, somewhat larger than last year, enjoyed yet another in the long series of annual ski trips for families and friends of Saint Paul's Church. Tim & Candida Humphreys were pleased to organise, yet again, the trip to Valdeblore and the Colmiane ski centre. They look forward to organising the trip again in 2015.

Ski Trip vetrans at breakfast

Father Walter attends course in Rome

Father Walter attends Anglican Centre course in Rome

Father Walter spent the week of February 10-15 attending a course offered by the Anglican Centre in Rome on the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits.) Archbishop David Moxon of New Zealand, the new Director of the Anglican Centre (sixth from the left), lead a delegation to visit the Vatican's Secretariat for the Synod of Bishops. Click here or on the photo for more about Father Walter's week in Rome.

The Sunday Club celebrates Candlemas

Sunday Club Candlemas 2014
Click here or on the photo (above) for more pictures from Candlemas Sunday.

The children in the Sunday Club at Saint Paul's along with members of the Youth Group shared in the Sunday worship of our chaplaincy community for the ancient Feast of the Prensentation (Candlemas) on the day of the feast itself, Sunday 2nd February.

Candlemas gets its name from the words of Simeon the priest in the Temple of Jerusalem who welcomes the baby Jesus calling him "the Light to lighten all people" when his parents bring him to be dedicated to the Lord, 40 days after his birth, in keeping with requirements of the Law of Moses. At Candlemas we celebrate Jesus as the light that enlightens our lives and leads us on the way.

Over the ages the tradition of blessing candles became associated with the feast (thus the name Candlemas) when candles may be blessed for use during the year ahead. At the beginning of the Candlemas service at Saint Paul's on Sunday, candles for use in the church, some brought from the homes of the congregation, and small tea candles were all blessed. Then the small tea candles were distributed to everyone attending the service.

The young people of Saint Paul's helped throughout the service: greeting people as they arrived in church, offering the readings, leading the prayers, and taking up the collection. Father Walter gave a "story sermon" telling the story of the presentation of Jesus in the temple over 2,000 years ago.

The next Sunday Club & Youth service at Saint Paul's takes place on Mothering Sunday (Mother's Day) on 30th March. Plan to join us for this special day!

Very Special Birthday Gift

Portrait of Fr Walter

Father Walter spent the afternoon of Ste-Dévote sitting for a very special 65th birthday gift, a portrait from Spencer Hodge, done by his son Marcus. Marcus is an accomplished artist in his own right who specialises in portraits of people and of horses drawn in charcoal (as seen here) or in oil. Marcus returns to Monaco from time to time and is always willing to help creat a special portrait!

Click here to visit the website of portrait artist Marcus Hodge. Considered one of Britain's “A” list of Portrait Painters by Harpers and Queen

New Chaplain in Menton

On Wednesday 22nd January 2014, the chaplaincy community of Saint John's Anglican Church, in Menton, welcomed its new chaplain after many years of temporary - locum ministry provided by a number of retired clergy when available.

Father Peter Massey & Father David Hart in Menton

Father David Hart, pictured above right with Father Peter Massey of Lorgues, was formally "instituted" during a beautiful service at which the new Archdeacon of France, the Venerable Ian Naylor (Chaplain of Pau) presided.

Father David has accepted a part-time post in Menton as a non-stipendiary priest. In addition to his pastoral responsibilities at Saint John's, Father David also hope to develope a fruitful ministry on the Riviera as a "spiritual friend".

The practice of Spiritual Direction is an ancient Christian tradition in which a Spiritual Director (or Soul Friend) accompanies a pilgrim in their Christian life, helping to deepen and sustain it.

After undertaking the thirty-day Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, Father David went on to be trained and supervised as a Spiritual Director at the Institute for Christian Spirituality in Cape Town. To this he brings his experience of Jungian psychotherapy, and offers Soul Friendship as part of his ministry in the Côte d’Azur.

If you are interested in knowing more of this practice, please contact him at or +33 (0)4 93 57 20 25.

Church at the Circus

Gospel under the Big Top

Another capacity crowd filled the Big Top (Le Chapiteau - Espace Fontvielle) for this the 13th annual Ecumenical Celebration at the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival.

The celebration is the featured event in the regional observance of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with representatives from the major church traditions along the Côte d'Azur in attendance.

Church like no other!

Communion at A Qietudine

A Qietudine Communion service

On Tuesday 8th January, Seminarian (and Liverpool ordinand) Dan Langdon-Griffiths (front) assisted Father Walter at a celebration of Holy Communion for the English speaking residents of the Monaco seniors' home "A Qietudine" in the Condamine. 

Ruth Knight (right) organises the monthly service and hosts a luncheon following the services for the group in the A Qietudine restaurant. Mrs Jane Roffe, visiting Ayoe Karonias (second right), joined the group for this photo.

Lora & Arthur - Queen & King

Lora & Arthur - Queen & King

Lora Bernabei and Arthur Reynolds found the "fêves" and won the crowns at a small "Galette des Rois" celebration on Epiphany Sunday hosted by Laurence Mouachon at her home in Beausoliel.

Liverpool Ordinand visits Monaco

Ordinand Dan Langdon-Griffiths with Father Walter at a rugby match
Dan Langdon-Griffiths with Fr Walter enjoying some time off at a rugby match.

In early January 2014 we were very pleased to welcome Dan Langdon-Griffiths, a third and final year seminarian, training in Durham, who served a 10 day student placement at Saint Paul’s Church. Dan is an ordinand for the Diocese of Liverpool, and will return to St Helens to serve his curacy after his ordination to the transitional diaconate in July.

Dan's wife Liz was unable to join him for his placement in Monaco as she received news only days before Dan's departure that her long awaited kidney transplant is now scheduled for late January, thanks to a living donor. Our thoughts and prayers go to Liz & Dan as they prepare for this very important surgery.

Father Walter greatly appreciated sharing his ministry in Monaco with Dan. They worked very well together and particularly enjoyed preparing a joint-sermon -- Fr Walter called it a "tag-team sermon" -- offered at the main Sunday service on 12th January 2014. Click here to listen to this joint-sermon

News from the Joustras

The Joustra Family at Christmas 2013

Father Jan Joustra has sent his Christmas letter and asked it to be shared among his many friends at Saint Paul's. Click here or on the photo (above) to read Father Jan's Christmas letter.

2013 News

Click on the photos below for larger copies.

T'was the night before Christmas

Children's Christingle preparations

Christmas Eve preparations began with the annual work party to decorate the oranges that are given to the children at the Children's Christingle service at 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve in the Manger

Click on the images below for larger copies:

1. The Candle lighting 2. The Christmas Story
3. Procession to the Stable Blessing and lighting the Christingle oranges

Little Donkey: the new Nativity Play, a smash hit!

The 2013 Nativity Play

"The Little Donkey" is the title of Sarah & Alastair Walton's original script written for the annual children's Nativity Play that priemiered on Sunday 15 December at Saint Paul's. The performance was splendidly done much to the delight of the more than 100 attending the morning Nativity Play service.

Nikki Johnson and the other parent volunteers, who made the performance possible, were particularly thankful for the help of our artist-in-residence, Spencer Hodge. Spencer worked with the children to produce spelendid masks to complete the costumes of the Little Donkey and the sheep in the play.

Masks by Spencer Hodge

Click here or on the photo above to visit the archive of photos taken during this year's Nativity Play at Saint Paul's.

Archbishop Barsi attends the Carol Service

Archbishop Bernard Barsi at the 2013 Carol Service

A congregation of nearly 200 enjoyed a splendid celebration of Christmas Lessons & Carols on Sunday 15 December. Archbishop Bernard Barsi was in attendance -- offering the Apostolic Blessing (a bishop's blessing) to close the service -- as was Pastor Didier Meyer of the Église Réformée. The choir sang a full programme of beautiful music for the service: click here for a video of the choir singing Mozart's "Laudate Dominum".

Click here or on the photo above for the archive of photos taken at this year's Carol Service.

Ecumenical Patriarch in Monaco

His Holiness Bartholomew I the Ecumenical Patriarch (Constantinople)

In between the Nativity Play and the Carol Service on Sunday 15 December, Father Walter was honoured to attend a colloquium on "Politics & Religion" at the World Policy Conference, meeting in Monaco. The keynote speaker for the colloquium was the "green Patriarch" His Holiness Bartholomew I, the Ecumenical Patriarch (Constantinople) leader of the Eastern Orthodox chruches.

Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem - Monaco

Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem in Monaco

Friday & Saturday, 13 & 14 December, Saint Paul's welcomed the officers, knights and associates of the Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem (OSLJ) for services in the church. On Saturday morning, 14 December, the Grand Priory of OSLJ in Monaco was formally inaugurated during an ecumenical service. St Paul's lay reader Frank Megginson (above, second right) was elevated in rank in the Order, and Father Walter was installed as a Chaplain of the Order. Also pictured here, Grand Master Emeritus of the Order: HRH Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orléans, Duc d'Anjou (centre), and the first Grand Prior of the Order in Monaco: Commander Jean-Pierre Campana (3rd left). The others pictured here are members and associates of the OSLJ Grand Priory of Monaco.

Christmas Crèche & Decorations

Christmas Sentons (creche)

Madame Anne-Marie Bolla has been working very hard over the past couple of weeks preparing this year's display of Christmas "sentons" in a beautiful Christmas crèche, set up in the Lady Chapel of Saint Paul's Church. Anne-Marie's mother began the collection many years ago and this is the second year that Anne-Marie has very generously shared the collection with us at Saint Paul's.

Church decorated for Christmas

A team of volunteers were caught up in the Spirit of Christmas on Monday evening, 9th December, when they attended to the annual decoration of Saint Paul's Church for the festival of Christmas. Many thanks to Humprhreys, Swales, Brodie, Brady, Robertson, and Rolfe families for their help in getting our church ready for the great feast of Christmas!

A Warm Welcome to Lemuel Visitors

Samuel Schaefer reporting on building progress
OLAD: Organisation Lemuel d'aides aux Démunis

We celebrated a special "Mission Sunday" at Saint Paul's, Monte-Carlo, on 8th December welcoming visitors from Lemuel Ministries in Haiti. Samuel Schaefer (pictured, above) gave a short report on progress in building the new roof for the Lemuel Ministries school in Haiti. This new roof was entirely funded thanks to money raised at Saint Paul's last winter and spring.

Petion Dumel from Lemuel Ministries, Haiti

Petion Dumel (above) gave moving testimony to the power of God working through the "investment cycle" where human lives are transformed thanks to the generosity of Christian mission. Petion, the Founding Director of the new Lemuel School on the Plateau of Haiti, was himself the beneficiary of Christian generoisty extended when he was a small boy to his own family. This generosity made it possible for his own family to break the cycle of poverty, and the "investment cycle" has now come fully around as Petion and his brother work to change the lives of another generation of impoverished children.

Welcoming the Lemuel Ministries visitors

Father Walter (left) and St Paul's council member John Watton (right) were pleased to welcome Christian, Petion and Samuel representing Lemuel Ministries in Haiti.

Video link: Lemuel Ministries presentation at St Paul's

Click on the image (above) to watch the YouTube video of the Lemuel Ministries' Mission Sunday presentation at Saint Paul's (14 mins).

Samuel Schaefer working on the new school roof.

 Click here or on the photo (above) to read the Lemuel Ministries blog with photos from the school and updates on the building project.

"Pastorate" ... A new study group launched at Saint Paul's

Saint Paul's Pastorate study group

A new study, discussion and prayer group was launched in early November at Saint Paul's. Members of the group gather around 6:30 p.m., order pizza dinner, and then proceed to study scripture, discuss issues of our Christian faith, and engage in prayer focused on issues and people on the hearts and minds of the participants.

The next session of the Pastorate takes place on Tuesday 10th December and newcomers are very welcome to join the group. If you'd like to join the group or have any questions, contact Father Walter at or 06 43 91 69 58

Click here for more photos and stories from 2013