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Father Walter; Bishop David with Readers Mary de Vachon & Frank Megginson

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2010 Sunday Sermons (Year C)

Christ the King, 21 November 2010: Father Walter, "In my Father's home there are many places to stay." (Monica Saville-Sneath Memorial)

Remembrance Sunday 14 November 2010: Father Walter, "Why we remember."

Proper 27C, 7 November 2010: Father Walter, "Tempus Fugit."

All Saints Sunday, 31 October 2010: Frank Megginson, "All Hallows Eve and Day"

Bible Sunday C, 24 October 2010: Father Walter, "The Bible in my experience."

Proper 24C, 17 October 2010: Father Walter, "Wrestling with God"

Proper 23C, 10 October 2010: Father Walter, "Carry on Grace"

Blessing of the Animals, 3 Oct. 2010: Mary de Vachon, "St. Francis and the animals"

Harvest Festival, 26 Sept. 2010: Father Walter, "From Rogation to Harvest"

Caroline's dream dog -- 20 years ago.

Proper 19C, 12 September 2010: Frank Megginson, "All about sin ..."

Proper 18C, 5th September 2010: Father Walter, "On Baptism"


Summer Sermon Series on "Faith"

Proper 14C, 8th August 2010: Mary de Vachon, "Faith, the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

Proper 15C - St Mary, 15th Aug 2010: Father Walter, "Faith: Source of Power"

Proper 16C - 22nd August 2010: Father Walter, "Faith vs Religion"


Quebec Cathedral, 1st August 2010: Father Walter, "The Thirst of the Deer"

Proper 13C, 1st August 2010: Canon Peter Allen, "To be or not to be ..."

Proper 12C, 25th July 2010: Canon Peter Allen, "The choices that confront us."

Proper 9C, 4th July 2010: Frank Megginson, "Brothers & Sisters in Love."

Proper 7C, 20th May 2010: Father Walter, "Like as the deer, we thirst."

Proper 6C, 13th May 2010: Mary de Vachon, "Who was that woman?!"

Trinity Sunday, 30th May 2010: Canon Barry Thomas

Pentecost, 23rd May 2010: Father Walter, "Charismatic or Charisphobic?"

Easter 6, 9th May 2010: Father Walter, "European Union: 60 years on"

Easter 4, 25th April 2010: Mary de Vachon, "Why is the healing of Tabitha required reading?"

Easter 3, 18th April 2010: Frank Megginson, "Forgiveness even in times of volcanic ash."

Easter 2, 11th April 2010: Father Walter, "The wind under my wings."

Easter Sunday, 4th April 2010: Father Walter, "He is Risen Indeed."

Palm Sunday, 28th March 2010: Frank Megginson, "How much better the world"

Lent 5, 21st March 2010: Father Walter, "The Deeper Level of the Story"

Lent 3, 7th March 2010: Mary de Vachon, "Thirst for the Lord."

Lent 2, 28th February 2010: Father Walter, "Ps 27: A Matter of the Heart"

Lent 1, 21st February 2010: Father Walter, "Lord, Raised and our friend."

Sunday Last before Lent, 14th February 2010: Frank Megginson, "Valentines transfigured ..."

Sexagesima Sunday, 7th February 2010: Father Walter, "Preparing the Journey"

Candlemas, 31st January 2010: Father Walter, "When routine gets us down"

Patronal Feast of St. Paul, 24th January 2010: Mary de Vachon on Saint Paul

Epiphany 2, 17th January 2010: Father Walter, "Cana water changed to wine."

Baptism of the Lord, 10th January 2010: Father Walter, "Where is John?"

Epiphany Sunday, 3rd January 2010: Mary de Vachon, Lay Reade

Advent Sunday, 29th November 2009 - Archbishop Bruce Stavert (Quebec, Emeritus), "The Coming of the Lord"