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Father Walter; Bishop David with Readers Mary de Vachon & Frank Megginson

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2011 Sunday Sermons (Year A)

Christ the King, 20th November: Father Walter, "Kingdom Passports."

Remembrance Sunday, 13th November: Father Walter, "Remembering Them."

Proper 27A, 6 November 2011: Father Walter, "Getting ready for End Times"

All Saints Sunday, 30 October 2011: Fr Chad Coussmaker, "Saints we know."

Proper 25A, 23 October 2011: Mary de Vachon, "A true model of Christian care."

Proper 24A, 16 October 2011: Father Walter, "The Earliest Christian Text"

Proper 23A, 9 October 2011: Father Walter, "Each day the wedding garment."

Feast of St Francis, 2 October 2011: Fr Phil Brochard, Berkeley California.

Proper 19A, 11 September 2011: Frank Megginson, "Forgive and be forgiven."

Proper 18A, 4 September 2011: Father Walter, "A question of time."

Proper 17A, 28 August 2011: Father Walter, "Good Character: the true goal of religion."

Proper 16A, 21 August 2011: Padre Alex Bennett, OGS (Chaplain, 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards), "Multiple personalities: who do you say I am?"

Proper 15A, 14 August 2011: Mary de Vachon, "Table manners for the Lord?"

Proper 14A, 7 August 2011: Father Walter, "The call to be compassionate."

Proper 12A, 24 July 2011: Canon Peter Allen, "Catch a glimpse of heaven."

Proper 11A, 17 July 2011: Canon William Derby, OGS, "Get out the miracle grow: feed the wheat, starve the tares."

Proper 10A, 10 July 2011: Father Walter, "The Sower in personal terms"

Proper 8A, 26 June 2011: Father Walter, "And Abram killed his son ..."

Trinity Sunday, 19 June 2011: Frank Megginson, "The Great Commission"

Pentecost Sunday, 12 June 2011: Father Walter, "Pentecost Wind & Fire"

Ascension Sunday, 5 June 2011: Father Walter, "A Cloud received Him"

Easter 5A. 22nd May 2011: Father Walter, "This Way only?"

Easter 4A, 15th May 2011: Father Walter, "Royal Bride chose Crimond"

Easter 3A, 8th May 2011: Father Walter, "Which Emmaus?"

Easter 2A, 1st May 2011: Mary de Vachon, "Sent from darkness to spread light."

Easter Sunday C 2011: Father Walter, "The Victor's Ps (Ps 118)"

Lent 5, 10 April 2011: Father Walter, "Valley of Dry Bones: Phoenix Rising"

Mothering Sunday, 3 April 2011: Father Walter (Sermon before the AGM, preached from the nave.)

Lent 3, 27 March 2011: Father Chad Coussmaker, "Jacob's Well remembered"

Lent 2, 20 March 2011: Frank Megginson, "Beware of small minds"

Lent I, 13 March 2011: Father Walter, "Tested for Liberty's Sake"

Proper4A, 27 February 2011: Father Walter, "Holy Poverty and Following Jesus"

Proper 3A, 20 February 2011: Mary de Vachon, "Injury, reprimand and the Guardian Angels."

Patronal Feast of St Paul, 23rd January 2011: Bishop David Hamid, Suffragan Bishop in Europe, "God calls us by name."

Epiphany 2, 16th January 2011: Father Walter, "Come & See"

The Baptism of Jesus, 9th January 2011: Revd Jasmine Chandra, Guest Preacher from the Diocese of New Brunswick, Canada.

Christmas 2010: Father Walter, "More than words can possibly express."

Advent 4C, 19th December 2010: Frank Megginson, "All about St Joseph"

Advent 2C, 5th December 2010: Father Walter, "Changed like Scrooge."

Advent Sunday, 28 November 2010: Mary de Vachon, "It's almost Christmas!"