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Father Walter; Bishop David with Readers Mary de Vachon & Frank Megginson

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2012 Sunday Sermons (Year B)

Christ the King (Proper 29B) 25 November: "France Am├ętis, servant of the King"

(Proper 28B) 18 November: Mary de Vachon

Remembrance Sunday 11 November: Father Walter, "Remembering War"

(Proper 26B) 4 November: Father Walter, "Rules & Regulations"

Trinity 20 (Proper 24B) 21 October: Father Walter, "Isaiah: central to Messiah"

Trinity 19 (Proper 23B) 14 October: Father Walter, "Approach the Throne of Grace with boldness"

Blessing of the Animals, 7 October: Father Walter, "Ps 104"

Trinity 14 (Proper 18B) 9 September: Father Walter, "Spiritual eyesight"

Trinity 13 (Proper 17B) 2 September: Mary de Vachon, "With free hearts"

Trinity 12 (Proper 16B) 26 August: Father Walter, "Confirmation focus"

Trinity 11 (Proper 15B) 19 August: Father Walter & Andrew Ager (organist), "Ephesians 5: The Sirens versus Orpheus"

Trinity 8 (Proper12B) 29 July: Frank Megginson, "5,000 for dinner"

St Mary Magdalene (Proper11B) 22 July: Father Walter, "Aliens no longer"

Trinity 6 (Proper10B) 15 July: Father Walter, "Introducing Ephesians"

Trinity 5 (Proper9B) 8 July: Daniel London, Doctoral Student GTU, Berkeley

Trinity 4 (Proper8B) 1 July: Father Walter, "The whole truth for healing."

The Nativity of John the Baptist: Frank Megginson, "Catch the spark!"

Jubilee Sunday 3 June: Father Walter, "Long live Queen Elizabeth!"

Ascension 20 May: Father Walter, "The Ascension Bridge"

Easter 2B 15 April: Frank Megginson, "How good and pleasant it is, when kindred live together in unity"

Easter Sunday: Father Walter, "Glory Awaits"

Palm Sunday: Father Walter, "Standing with us in a most human place."

Mothering Sunday: Mary de Vachon, "Courage and sacrifice: our mothers"

Lent 3B 11 Mar: Father Walter, "Clearing the Temple: sweeping change"

Lent 2B 4 Mar: Father Walter, "The Crosses we are called to bear."

Lent 1B 26 Feb: Frank Megginson, "Discovering the love God has for us."

Quinquagesima, 19 Feb: Father Walter, "A mountain top and water shed"

2nd Sunday before Lent, 12 Feb: Father Walter, "It's all about Healing"

3rd Sunday before Lent, 5 Feb: Father Walter, "A busy day in Capernaum"

St Paul's Day 22 Jan: Father Walter, "Let yourselves be transformed!"

Epiphany 2B 15 Jan: Mary de Vachon, "Jesus calls us."

Naming of Jesus 1 Jan: Father Walter, "With Jesus we begin 2012"

Advent Sunday B 27 Nov 2011: Frank Megginson, "Happy New Year!"