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Father Walter; Bishop David with Readers Mary de Vachon & Frank Megginson

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2014 Sunday Sermons (Year A)

Christmas 1 (28.12.2014): Mary de Vachon, "God is with us wherever we are."

Reign of Christ A 23 November 2014: Father Walter, "Kingdom Launching"

2nd Before Advent 16 November 2014: Father Walter, "Deboray and women Bishops"

Remembrance Sunday 9 Nov 2014: Father Walter, "On guard with poppies.

All Saints 2 November 2014: Deacon Dan, "The Beatitudes and All the Saints"

Trinity Last 26 October 2014: Deacon Dan*, "What's stopping you?"

Trinity 18A 19 October 2014: Frank Megginson, "God is in charge, but is he in control?"

Trinty 17A 12 October 2014: Father David Hart, Chaplain Menton, "The wedding garment: the way of living."

Harvest Sunday 28 September 2014: Father Walter, "Counting blessings ..."

St Matthew 21 September 2014: Father Walter, "Lure of things material"

Proper 17A 31 August 2014: Father Walter, Highs and Lows with Peter"

St Bartholomew 24 August 2014: Father Walter, "Super Heroes"

Proper 11A 22 July 2014: Frank Megginson, "When facing hard choices."

Proper 7A 22 June 2014: Father Walter, "Change & Transformation: all will be well."

Trinity Sunday A 15 June 2014: Frank Megginson, "God IS and God LOVES us!"

Easter 5A 18 May 2014: Father Walter, "Many dwelling places for you and me"

Easter 3A 4 May 2014: Father Walter, "The Gospel on the Road to Emmaus"

Easter 2A 27 April 2014: Frank Megginson, "Quasi Modo: Risking Faith"

Easter Sunday 2014: Father Walter, "In the Garden with the Gardiner"

Lent 5A 6 April 2014: Father Walter, "Lazarus: from Death to Resurrection"

Mothering Sunday (Lent 4) 2014: Mary de Vachon, "Passion and Compassion."

Lent 3A 23 Mar 2014: Father Walter, "A sermon before the AGM"

Lent 2A 16 Mar 2014: Father Walter, "The Call of Abram & Sarai"

Lent IA 9 Mar 2014: Father Walter, "Call to Observe a holy Lent."

Transfiguration Sunday A 2 Mar 2014: Father Walter, "Majesty, Kingdom Authority: and the meek shall indeed inherit the earth!"

2nd Sunday before Lent 23 Feb 2014: Father Walter, "Turn the other cheek: non-violence and the olympic spirit."

Proper 2A 16 Feb 2014: Frank Megginson, "Choosing Life"

Proper 1A 9 Feb 2014: Father Walter, "You are salt, you are light."

Feast of St Paul 2014: Mary de Vachon, "Who are you, Lord?"

Epiphany 2C 19 Jan 2014: Father Walter, "Giving thanks for gifts."

Baptism of Christ, 12 Jan 2014: Dan Langdon-Griffiths & Father Walter, A Team Sermon, "What Christmas tells us about Baptism"

Epiphany Sunday A, 5 Jan 2014: Dan Langdon-Griffiths, "Arise, shine, your light has come!"

2013 Sunday Sermons (Year C)

Christmas I A 29 Dec 2013: Father Walter, "Holy Innocents"

Advent IV A 22 Dec 2013: Frank Megginson, "Advent Preaching"

Advent Sunday A 1 Dec 2013: Father Walter, "Get ready to meet the Judge!"

Christ the King C 24 Nov 2013: Father Walter, "Model Leadership"

Proper 28C 17 Nov 2013: Father Walter, "Temples thrown down"

Remembrance Sunday 10 Nov 2013: Frank Megginson Click here for the sermon text in pdf format.

Proper 23C 13 Oct 2013: Father Walter, "Recognising Grace"

The Blessing of Animals 2013: Mary de Vachon "Animal Blessings"

Proper 19C 15 Sept 2013: Father Walter, "Lost & Found"

Proper 18C 8 Sept 2013: Mary de Vachon, "Can salt & saltiness"

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* The Revd Daniell Langdon-Griffiths, Deacon