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Father Walter; Bishop David with Readers Mary de Vachon & Frank Megginson

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2015 Sunday Sermons (Year B)

Christmas 1C (27.12.2015): Father Walter, "Jesus at his Bar Mitzvah"

Christmas 2015: Father Walter, "Christmas Darkness & Light, in Monte-Carlo"

Christ the King B (22.11.2015): Mary de Vachon, "Did Pilate See Jesus as King?"

Remembrance Sunday (08.11.2015): Father Walter, "Religion, Violence & War."

All Saints (01.11.2015): Father Walter, "Ancient Egyptians and Us on the matter of our dying."

Proper 25B (25.10.2015): Father Dan Langdon-Griffiths, "Bartimaeus and Jesus"

Proper 23B (11.10.2015): Father Watler, "Through the eye of the needle."

St Francis (04.10.2015): Father Walter, "Following along the way of Francis"

Harvest Festival (27.09.2015): Mary de Vachon, "Jubilate Deo"

Proper 18B (06.09.2015): Father Walter, "The Syro-Phonecian woman and the refugee crisis in Europe today."

Proper 17B (30.08.2015): Frank Megginson, "Ours is not a morality religion."

Proper 16B (23.08.2015): Father Walter, "Discomforting comfort."

Proper 15B (16.08.2015): Father Walter, "Beyond the shadows of doubt."

Proper 14B (09.08.2015): Father Walter, "Worship as sharing in the feast."

Proper 12B (26.07.2015): Frank Megginson, "Our food in due season."

Proper 11B (19.07.2015): Father Walter, "Cup not half full but overflowing."

Groote Family Baptism (12.07.2015): Father Walter, "God looks on the heart."

Proper 9B PDF (05.07.2015): Frank Megginson, "Saint Paul & he thorn his side"

Trinity 4 (28.06.2015): Father Walter, "Laudauto Si: the Pope's Encyclical"

Father's Day (21.06.2015): Father Walter, "Faith as Trust on Father's Day"

Proper 6B (14.06.2015): Canon Peter Allen, Second Sunday after Trinity

Proper 5B (07.06.2015): Canon Peter Allen, "The Liturgical Year"

Trinity Sunday B (31.05.2015): Father Walter, "Discerning the Three in One and claiming the Power."

Easter 7B (17.05.2015): Mary de Vachon, "Ascension & God's passionate partneship."

Easter 5B (03.05.2015): Mary de Vachon, "Vine and the branches."

Easter 4B (26.04.2015): Frank Megginson, "All sheep of the same flock."

Easter Sunday B (05.04.2015): Father Walter, "Terror and Fear at the Tomb" The recording concludes with the choral anthem "Glorious Saviour" composed by our own Patricia Cerrone & Gottfried Kappen.

Palm Sunday B (29.03.2015): Mary de Vachon, "The Suffering Jew"

Lent 5B (22.03.2015): Father Walter, "How do we know Jesus?"

Mothering Sunday (15.03.2015): Father Walter, "What are mothers for?"

Lent 3B (08.03.2015): Father Walter, "Where do we find God?"

Lent 2B (01.03.2015): Mary de Vachon, "Covenants Old and New and a Steadfast God."

Lent 1B (22.02.2015): Father Walter, "After the deluge: God's change of plan."

Transfiguration Sunday B (15.02.2015): Father Walter - a sermon on the occasion of the parish wedding of Juulia & Jyrki Sandelin, followed by the choral anthem, "Jesus, joy of man's desiring."

2nd Sunday before Lent B (08.02.2015): Frank Megginson, "Focus your attitude towards God and the blessings he gives."

Dedication Festival - 90th Anniversary of Saint Paul's Church

Bishop Robert Innes - Gibraltar in Europe

Dedication Festival Sermon (25.01.2015): The Rt Revd Dr Robert Innes, Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe: "90th Anniversary of Saint Paul's Church."

Dedication Festival Music:

Choral Anthem (following the sermon) - "Gloria" by Antonio Vivaldi
Communion Motet - "Locus iste" by Anton Bruckner
Congregational singing (hymns + Mass setting)

Dedication Festival Children: The History of Bishops, narrated by Nicole Feaster

Epiphany 2B (18.01.2015): Frank Megginson, "Living in accordance with the 2nd Great Commandment."

Baptism of Christ B (11.01.2015): Father Walter, "Baptism Movements"

2014 Sunday Sermons (Year A)

Christmas 1 (28.12.2014): Mary de Vachon, "God is with us wherever we are."

Reign of Christ A 23 November 2014: Father Walter, "Kingdom Launching"

2nd Before Advent 16 November 2014: Father Walter, "Deboray and women Bishops"

Remembrance Sunday 9 Nov 2014: Father Walter, "On guard with poppies.

All Saints 2 November 2014: Deacon Dan, "The Beatitudes and All the Saints"

Trinity Last 26 October 2014: Deacon Dan*, "What's stopping you?"

Trinity 18A 19 October 2014: Frank Megginson, "God is in charge, but is he in control?"

Trinty 17A 12 October 2014: Father David Hart, Chaplain Menton, "The wedding garment: the way of living."

Harvest Sunday 28 September 2014: Father Walter, "Counting blessings ..."

St Matthew 21 September 2014: Father Walter, "Lure of things material"

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* The Revd Daniell Langdon-Griffiths, Deacon