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Father Walter; Bishop David with Readers Mary de Vachon & Frank Megginson

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2016 Sunday Sermons (Year C)

Advent 2A (04.12.2016): Bishop David Hamid, "Advent Confirmation"

Advent 1A (27.11.2016): Frank Megginson, "We shall walk in the Light of the Lord."

Christ the King (20.11.2016): Archdeacon Meurig Williams, "Christ our King"

Remembrance Sunday (13.11.2016): Father Walter, "In Honour of the Women."

Proper 27C (06.11.2016): Father Walter, "They were sad you see."

All Saints C (30.10.2016): Mary de Vachon, "Why we need the Resurrected Jesus to Live the Beatitudes."

Proper 25C (23.10.2016): Father Walter, "Two men went to the Temple to pray"

Proper 23C (09.10.2016): Bishop Michael Marshall, "Drawing lines that cut across the lines that separate us."

Blessing the Animals (02.10.2016): Father Walter, "God loves all his creatures!"

Harvest C (25.09.2016): Bishop Dominic Walter OGS, "The Thanksgiving Story"

Proper 20C (18.09.2016): Father Walter, "You gotta serve somebody!"

Proper 18C (04.09.2016): Frank Megginson, "Discipleship: quality over quantity"

Proper 15C (14.08.2016): Father Walter, "Why so angry, Jesus?

Proper 14C (07.08.2016): Father Walter, "Heart strings tied to things"

Proper 13C (31.07.2016): Frank Megginson, "Where is your treasure?

Proper 9C (03.07.2016): Father Walter, "Strength in numbers"

Proper 8C (26.06.2016): Frank Megginson, "Give your best any way"

Proper 6C 2016 (12.06.2016): Dr Chris Waley, A Rocha Foundation

Proper 5C (05.06.2016): Mary de Vachon, "Riding the wings of Grace."

Trinity C (22.05.2016): Father Walter, "God as relationship, with us"

Easter 6C (01.05.2016): Father Walter, "Receive and share the Blessing"

Easter 5C (24.04.2016): Frank Megginson, "Called to be a community of Love"

Easter 4C (17.04.2016): Father Walter, "Jesus, people whisperer"

Easter 3C (10.04.2016): Father Walter, "The Conversions of Saul and Ananias"

Easter C (27.03.2016): Father Walter, "He is risen indeed!"

Lent 5C (13.03.2016): Mary de Vachon, "Mary of Bethany"

Lent 3C (28.02.2016): Father Walter, "The Discipline of Repentance"

Lent 2C (21.02.2016): Father Walter, "Psalm 27: Lessons for life"

Transfiguration C (07.02.2016): Frank Megginson, "Destined for Glory"

Feast of St Paul (24.01.2016): Father Walter: "Can God get through to you?"

Baptism of Christ (10.01.2016): Mary de Vachon: "The Baptism of Jesus"

Epiphany C (03.01.2016): Father Walter, "Finding Light in other traditions"

Christmas 1C (27.12.2015): Father Walter, "Jesus at his Bar Mitzvah"

Christmas 2015: Father Walter, "Christmas Darkness & Light, in Monte-Carlo"

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